Medical Courier Operations – Every Outreach Lab and Hospital is Unique

When it comes to medical courier operations, MCE understands that outreach labs and hospitals do things as different as the samples they collect. All labs and hospitals have their own special requirements for routing, specimen collection/transportation, supply deliveries, and management in general. Truly, no two systems are alike.

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Lab Outreach Courier Management: An Easy Automated Solution

When we think of real-time delivery tracking with maximum efficiency, most of us think of big e-commerce and parcel delivery companies that bring goods to our doorstep. But medical courier pickups and deliveries are even more important because the speed and accuracy of transporting specimens can be the difference between saving a life and a catastrophic delay or medical error.

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The Evolution of MCE

In preparation for the roll-out of MCE 3.0 (which includes improved screen layouts and other functionalities) in 2021, we thought it would be interesting for outreach medical labs to understand how MCE came to be and what can be expected in MCE 3.0. Today, MCE has matured into the nation’s premier specimen tracking and courier management system for outreach medical laboratories and hospitals.

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Consider the Legal Implications of Lost Specimens

Not all lost or mixed-up specimens will result in medical malpractice suits, but the ones that do can be costly. This SVMIC article goes on give real world scenarios to explain what types of lab malpractice suits lead to a monetary loss.

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The 4 C’s of Successful Lab Outreach

If you run an outreach lab, you are well acquainted with the fact that you need reliable courier services to deliver specimens, samples, and supplies. To be successful, your lab outreach courier program needs the four C’s: collection, communication, consistency, and competence.

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How Tolerant is Your Lab of Lost Specimens

There are many outreach labs regularly losing specimens and consider it a normal by-product of their business. It’s not that they want to lose specimens, but in the hectic day-to-day of business, it somehow just becomes acceptable.

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