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We work hard to keep customers happy with MCE features and services. Over 92% of customers surveyed are “Very Satisfied” with MCE solutions. But, don’t take our word for it, click through to see what MCE customers have to say. 


Specimen Left At Doctors Office


During a lab scan, the scanning person was alerted to a missing specimen. The courier searched their cooler and vehicle and found nothing. The courier then went back to the physician office and the specimen was still sitting on the counter.

Increase Our Bottom Line


Prior to using MCE we had difficulty with labs that were unaccounted for from outlying offices. Providers would claim that the specimen was “sent with the courier”. With the addition of MCE we were able to reduce the number of the unaccounted for specimens and increase our bottom line by reducing the number of courtesy labs we were offering.

No Longer Blamed for Lost Specimens


With MCE we are able to dispatch very easy. We can also find out if we picked-up and dropped-off specimens, as we were getting blamed for lost specimens. Now we can prove it was not us.

Track Specimens, Couriers, AND Non-Specimens


MCE has provided us with additional tracking for the office couriers, for specimens, AND non-specimen pick-ups/drop-offs.

Real-time Tracking


MCE has benefited us through real time tracking which proved a specimen was picked up. We intend to use this same feature for tracking our money deposits starting 2020

Alerts To Missing Specimens


Now we recognize when all samples have not been scanned to the lab.

Specimen Left in Vehicle


A couriers device alerted them that they had a specimen that had not been lab scanned. Courier then retrieved the specimen from the vehicle as it had fallen out of the cooler.

Verify Courier Stops


We appreciate the ability to verify at what time a courier has stopped at one of the locations on their route and also the ability to realize when a specimen has not been received and track where it potentially could be.

We No Longer Doubt Pick-ups


MCE has helped on multiple situations where a missing specimen was in question or if a pick up was made or not. A simple specimen search has resolved many issues and we no longer have any doubt if a courier made a pick up or not.

Alerts for Undelivered Specimens


The specimen alerts us for any undelivered specimens to makes sure everything we have picked up gets delivered.

Meets Requirements


MCE provides a tracking system that meets requirements for patient and specimen tracking. This was always my goal with working with your team and you accomplished this for me.

MCE Eliminates Human Error


Every stop is displayed on the handheld, which can be customized by day of the week. It all but eliminates human error based on different office schedules.

Locate Drivers


Extremely helpful when you need to locate a driver.

Eliminated the Guesswork


With MCE we virtually eliminated the guesswork. If there was an error in the reconciliation process at the time of the delivery, the system would alert them, so it’s basically foolproof.

Positive Comments From Providers


Just wanted to let you know that we have been receiving a lot of positive comments from our clients who are taking advantage of the email notification service. At this point, we only have a handful using it but I anticipate the number growing pretty quickly.

Always Looking to be Innovative


I appreciate you letting us take a look at the new MCE upgrade! You guys are always looking at ways to be innovative and up the bar and I love it!.


Preventing the loss of just one biopsy justifies this system. A client audit validated cost savings of lab couriers using MCE vs contract couriers at savings of $1.23 per stop.

Calculated savings:

  • 500 stops=$615 per day; $3,075 per week; $159,900 per year


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