Why MCE for Courier Management & Specimen Tracking?


No Server or Software to Maintain

Never worry about compatibility issues between software and hardware– MCE provides all of the tools necessary for success including a web-based software solution, high-performance mobile computers, and second-to-none support. 

No Extra Work for IT Teams

MCE is fully supported by Taylor Data Systems, so there is no strain on IT resources. Taylor Data not only provides secure data backup but also unparalleled customer service and technical support to answer all questions. A completely web-based application, MCE’s software requires minimal technical resources, another bonus for your laboratory.

Take Productivity to New Heights

MCE helps laboratories improve courier operations by presenting all courier data in an easy-to-digest format. Courier managers use the collected information to optimize courier performance, improve specimen collection and route management. Furthermore, real-time tracking enables lab managers to better manage employee workloads and lab resources when they know the exact specimen types and quantities in-route to the labs.

Identify Samples Beyond the Barcode

Courier input provides more information than just scanning barcodes– couriers can define the specimen and quantity for improved specimen identification. They can also record customer or specimen issues and notify managers of issue from the field. 

Accuracy Comes Standard

Employees have direct access to specimen information and are able to answer client questions quickly and accurately. The data entered also establishes a clear chain of accountability.

Tech expertise not required

The design and layout of the online dashboard was created with end-users in mind and allows for personnel with even limited tech backgrounds to seamlessly operate the platform.


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