Medical Courier Software & Mobile App Solution Designed For

Outreach Laboratories & Hospital Systems

MCE is a medical courier software and mobile app solution for outreach laboratories and hospital systems operating courier services in-house. As a could-based system, MCE utilizes an administrative website for courier managers. Medical couriers utilize the MCE mobile app and a mobile computer with built-in scanner for tracking. With MCE, your medical couriers can electronically track specimen pick-up/deliveries, track supplies, keep on schedule with routes, and much more. Courier administrators are able to manage static and changing courier routes for optimization, see courier locations in real-time, create dispatches, see specimens in route, and create reports for better decision making. 

MCE is regularly updated with new features based on user recommendations at no additional cost. With 24/7 customer service, customizable system features, and API interfaces available for your LIS system, MCE is the premier choice for electronically managing your internal medical courier operations. We would like to learn more about your lab, hospital, and medical courier services and demonstrate how MCE could provide a cost-effective solution for your operations. Contact us today to schedule a web demo. 

Realtime Management

How MCE Works

Understand how the different systems in MCE work together to make courier operations run efficiently.

Outreach Logistics

Specimen Tracking

MCE tracks specimen collection and ensures specimen traceability from pickup to lab delivery.

Intelligent Route Creation

Route Optimization

Optimized routing improves courier productivity and reduces drive-time.


Outreach Logistics

Supply Tracking

MCE offers Supply Tracking to help labs track and verify supply deliveries.


Outreach Logistics

Service & Support

MCE is a turnkey solution that has little or no impact on your IT staff. We offer 24/7 system support.

Online Dashboard


Designed specifically for medical couriers, MCE sets the bar for specimen tracking, supply tracking, and courier managment.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Smart routes decrease courier drive time and improve efficiency.

One Platform, One Solution

One Platform, One Solution

MCE provides all of the tools and training necessary for success.

Accuracy Comes Standard

Accuracy Comes Standard

Specimen definition and signature capture ensure clear chain of custody.

MCE provides a tracking system that meets CAP requirements for patient and specimen tracking. This was always my goal with working with your team and you accomplished this for me.

Every stop is displayed on the handheld, which can be customized by day of the week. It all but eliminates human error based on different office schedules.

Jim W. – COO of Large Midwest Hospital System

Extremely helpful in a time of emergency when you have to locate a driver who is not responding.


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