With MCE’s Route Management and Optimization module, courier managers can create intelligent and efficient routes to improve courier productivity and reduce overall drive-time while still ensuring all client pickup requests are handled in a timely manner.

Route Optimization

MCE’s Route Optimization module maximizes courier efficiency by generating intelligent routes. Using GPS data, the Route Optimization module plots the most efficient course for the courier, removing the guesswork of determining optimal courier routes.

Route Management

MCE’s Route Management system builds on the functionality of the Route Optimization module so you can create and manage courier schedules and routes based on the unique needs of your clients. Using the Route Management module, dispatchers can edit courier routes to account for special client instructions such as multi-stop pickups at different times of the day and specific pickup time.

Time-sensitive pickups are necessary—MCE Dispatch makes it simple to add stops to couriers’ routes in real-time. Dispatchers have the capability to add stops to in-progress routes, ensuring every required sample pickup occurs.

Phlebotomist Routing

The daily route for traveling Phlebotomists is ever changing. For administrators, efficient route planning (particularly when planning routes for multiple Phlebotomists) can be labor-intensive and time consuming.  Unlike regular couriers who typically make stops to the same locations every day or every week, for traveling Phlebotomists, the stops are always different each day.

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