Route Optimization

Managing multiple medical couriers running multiple routes can be a daunting and time consuming task. With MCE’s Route Management and Optimization module, courier managers can create intelligent and efficient routes to improve courier productivity and reduce overall drive-time while still ensuring all client pickup requests are handled in a timely manner. Whether your couriers run static routes that never change, or whether they run more dynamic routes that change daily, MCE is designed to make routing easy for managers.

Static Route Optimization

MCE’s Static Route Optimization module maximizes courier efficiency by generating intelligent routes for daily routes that don’t change. Using GPS data, the Route Optimization module plots the most efficient course for the courier, removing the guesswork of determining optimal courier routes. Using their mobile computer, couriers move between customer locations seamlessly. 


  • Easy address imports from Excel.
  • Set location time-windows for pickup.
  • Optimized routes based on location for efficiency.
  • Ability to manually change routes to meet time-windows.
  • Alerts of pick-up times that fall out of time-windows.
  • Routes can easily be transferred between couriers in emergency situations. 


Laboratories often have customers that are setup on will-call, need STAT pick-ups, or have an urgent request for supplies. Dispatching these types of requests could throw-off your set courier routes. However, with MCE dispatching can seamlessly be woven into courier routes to ensure prompt pick-ups. 


  • Electronically add stops to in-progress routes.
  • Give customers the ability to request dispatching through MCE.
  • See overview of all courier locations to pick the courier closest to STAT location.
  • Electronic notification of courier acceptance of dispatch
  • Dispatch location seamlessly woven into courier route.

Dynamic Routing

Some outreach laboratories and hospitals have couriers or phlebotomist that are not setup on static routes. These workers have routes that change daily based on customer demands. The Dynamic Routing module of MCE is designed for managers of medical couriers or traveling phlebotomist to quickly enter daily routes. 


  • Easy address imports from Excel.
  • Load stops and make changes as needed.
  • Routes can be rapidly created each day, leaving more time for additional stops.
  • The entire process is streamlined without compromising route optimization.

Information specifically related to dynamic routing for phlebotomist can be found here. 


Other Routing Features

  • Message one or all couriers in-route.
  • Require messages be acknowledged.
  • Couriers can send “emergency alerts” to managers pinpointing their GPS location.
  • Managers can view and report on route history, driving speed, stops, and length of stay at pick-up.


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