Dynamic Routing

The daily route for traveling phlebotomists is ever changing. Efficient route planning (particularly when planning routes for multiple phlebotomists) can be labor-intensive and time consuming when conducted manually.  For phlebotomy routing, the lab administrator (manager) typically has a large list of sites their phlebotomists need to visit, with sites changing daily.  Each day new stops are added, and routes are planned as best as possible based on the location of each stop.

With MCE, the process is automated for the lab to make planning fast and easy. Once a list of stops is uploaded by the manager, MCE’s dynamic routing feature puts these locations into a dynamic ‘pool’.  With all the stops in a single pool, lab managers can then decide how many routes to plan based on the number of traveling phlebotomists available that day.  From there, MCE will optimize each route geographically according to the number of routes specified.

Once the routes are assigned, lab managers can add additional routes or make changes to the daily schedule and MCE will re-optimize as needed.

What once would take 1 to 2 hours to plan, now only takes minutes. The ability to streamline the route planning process means lab managers are spending less time on route planning and can dedicate more time to other priorities in the lab. It also means phlebotomists are maximizing their time on the road and can dedicate their efforts to the needs of their clients.

Key Benefits of Dynamic Routing:

  • Managers can easily load stops and make changes as needed
  • Routes can be rapidly created each day, leaving more time for additional stops
  • Quick and easy way to upload and generate routes
  • The entire process is streamlined without compromising route optimization

If you’re planning daily routes where no two days are the same, then dynamic routing might be for you. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of this new MCE feature.


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