Medical Couriers: The Scapegoat for Lost & Missing Specimens?

If a patient sample has ever been lost at your lab, you understand the concern, the time, the cost, the headache, and the desire to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again. The good news is that having a lost or missing specimen conversation between couriers, lab staff, and your customers is avoidable.

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Comparing Purpose-built Mobile Devices to Consumer Smartphones for Medical Courier Services

MCE, as an organization, internally sets a standard to build value and bring reliability to your outreach courier operations. To do that MCE can’t cut corners or offer a product we can’t stand behind 100%. To ensure your courier operations run reliably and with little to no issues, MCE has intentionally selected purpose-built devices, like the Zebra TC26, to run its courier application on.

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6 Tips for Budgeting for Medical Courier Software

Now is the time to utilize any remaining budget funds your medical lab may have. As healthcare continues to embrace digital transformations, adopting new technologies, like a courier software system, is always a smart way to spend your remaining budget. However, obtaining funds for new courier technologies can sometimes be difficult for labs. In this month’s blog we’ll discuss how to best communicate the need for a courier technology like MCE to gain budget approval.

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6 Ways MCE Benefits Lab IT Operations

The primary benefits of MCE include improved efficiency, more accurate specimen tracking, and a dramatic reduction in lost specimens. But MCE offers another important benefit for labs and hospitals: simplified IT operations. Here are six ways MCE benefits your IT department:

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Exceptional Customer Service for Lab Outreach Starts with Medical Couriers

Whether employed internally or outsourced, medical couriers are by far the most visible contact an outreach lab will have with its customers. With so much facetime with your clients, couriers can be one of your biggest assets for providing exceptional customer service and therefore should be provided with the proper tools to do so.

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How to Track Medical Specimens Transferred Between Couriers

In day-to-day operations many bigger laboratories often have specimens picked up by one medical courier then transferred to another courier to be delivered to the lab. While this process may sound simple, it can often become a “crack in the system” where samples can easily go missing.

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