MCE offers Supply Tracking to help outreach laboratories and hospitals track and verify supply deliveries.

Lab Supply TrackingMedical couriers are often responsible for much more than just specimen pickup and deliveries throughout their day. Many hospital and laboratory couriers also carry the responsibility of transporting confidential paperwork, prescription medications, lab work, equipment and supplies, and other items as well. 

With such responsibility, lab and courier managers requested a system within MCE for tracking these “supplies” to verify delivery, receipt, and obtain reportable data on them.  The system also needed to be simple and easy to use so that it would fit easily into courier routines without effecting their efficiency.

With those requirements in mind, MCE developed a Supply Tracking feature that enable base-level tracking of non-specimen supplies to provide greater visibility on customer usage levels, identify trends, and have a better understanding of what is going out the door. MCE Supply Tracking allows medical couriers to scan the pickup of supplies, make notes about important information about the supplies, and then track and verify delivery of those supplies. 

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