Frequently Asked Questions About MCE


Who is Medical Courier Elite designed for?

MCE was designed with medical labs in mind. If you pick up valuable specimens and need to know where they are and that they are on the way, then MCE is exactly what you need. We provide you with simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful tools to manage your lab’s outreach program.

What is MCE?

Medical Courier Elite™ is a cloud-based software solution designed for medical specimen tracking. MCE utilizes a web-based administrative tool, along with a lightweight, rugged mobile device to manage courier routes and track individual specimens originating from a referring physician’s office.

How does MCE provide accurate specimen tracking?

Specimen tracking is easy. Barcodes are scanned by couriers once during pick-up and once during delivery. This ensures that each specimen has made it to the lab. If a specimen is not scanned during the delivery, the courier will be notified immediately. Specimen transfers between couriers or multiple locations can even be tracked via our Streamlining feature. Through the MCE admin website, your lab manager will have access to all this information at the moment of synchronization. This will allow for quick response time on possible issues. MCE can track anything with a barcode, including pharmacy, x-rays, mail, lab reports and packages.

What responsibilities will our Information Technology department have with MCE?

MCE is a turnkey solution that has little to no impact on your IT staff. Once you have activated your mobile scanners through your cellular provider, we take ownership of all support needed to operate MCE.  There is no configuring the system to your local network or installing cumbersome software on lab computers.  All you need is a browser to access our web portal and you can manage your couriers, create routes, and track specimens.

In addition, MCE’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system allows us to support your couriers while out in the field should an issue arise. If a handheld is damaged or stops working, you simply ship it to us, and we’ll handle the process of getting your device repaired and shipped back to you ready for courier use. How easy is that?

Will MCE help me meet CAP requirements?

CAP Laboratory General Checklist questions include transportation services for specimen collection. Use of MCE can help you meet these requirements. To review how we can help you meet the CAP requirements for specimen transportation, contact us. If your lab is interested in becoming CAP accredited click here to learn more.

Is MCE HIPAA compliant?

MCE does not access or store patient medical information, therefore HIPAA regulations do not apply to us.

What benefits will we see from Medical Courier Elite?

Use of Medical Courier Elite allows you to provide better customer service, protect your practice from lost or misplaced specimens, provide courier accountability and productivity and provide you with proactive solutions to increasing federal regulations.

Does MCE include training?

MCE training is factored into the set-up cost. It is done online but for an additional charge can be performed onsite.

Will MCE provide proof of delivery?

Our site visit/ lab delivery signature capture feature allows couriers to get a signature to validate that a specimen was picked up or delivered.

How is the price of MCE calculated?

The cost is broken down into three sections: hardware cost, set-up cost, and annual subscription and support cost.

Is my lab too small to afford MCE?

Not at all. Our pricing structure is designed to be affordable for all sized labs. Some modules and features can be turned off to accommodate smaller sized labs.

What do I do if a device gets lost/stolen/ or broken?

We have you covered! MCE provides reliable support for your mobile computers so that you are not left guessing what the problem is. If a device is not functioning, then our highly-skilled team will provide immediate assistance to troubleshoot the issue. We can see exactly what the user is seeing and provide the assistance needed to get you up and running as soon as possible. If a device is not working properly then you can ship it directly to MCE and we will take care of it from there! If it needs to be serviced by the device manufacturer then we take care of the logistics of getting it to the service depot. The required service is performed, the device is returned to us, we do any necessary setup and then return it to you ready to go back into service.

What is the cost of a lost specimen?

A lost specimen is more than just an inconvenience to a patient or physician, they are costly. The cost of a positive lost sample that causes a delay in treatment or mortality could be substantial to say the least. Read more about the cost of being tolerant of lost specimens in our blog.


How does MCE get set up?

Once MCE has been purchased, we will add your lab to MCE’s host server, and upload your routes/sites into your system. You will need to make sure you activate your mobile scanners through your cellular provider, and then we will host an online remote MCE training session for you and your couriers. There is little to no involvement from your IT staff. 


Is the training done on-site?

MCE training is usually done online. However, we will do on-site training if requested but it will be an additional charge.

Will my IT department have to setup the mobile devices?

We understand how overwhelmed IT departments can get with technology requests. MCE will make sure your devices are charged, set up, and tested before we send them to you. The only action your Lab or IT department will have to take is making sure your mobile devices are activated through your cellular provider. Other than that, your devices will be set up and ready to be used so that your IT department has little to no involvement.  

How do I train my lab's employees how to use MCE?

MCE provides a tutorial video library that lab admin/managers can use to help train couriers and lab personnel on using MCE.


How do I contact MCE helpdesk support?

We understand that getting in touch with support staff is something that must be easy and quick. Depending on the level of urgency you may contact us by phone at (877) 331-7427 ext. 119, submit a case through the on-line help center, or shoot us an email us at mcesupport@taylordata.com.

What are the helpdesk hours of operation?

Our helpdesk is available 24/7.

How long does my MCE subscription last?

MCE offers one-year subscriptions. Your account manager will contact you prior to date of expiration to review your previous subscription and discuss any developing needs.

What is remote device support?

We use a Mobile Device Manager called MobiControl to provide remote device support. We can see exactly what the user is seeing and provide the best-in-class assistance to get you up and running as soon as possible. We can often help you resolve your issues without having to send us the device.


What mobile devices does MCE use?

We offer the choice between the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 and the Zebra TC56 mobile computers. Both devices are rugged and offer 4G LTE.
Learn more about the Honeywell CT60.
Learn more about the Zebra TC56.

What is the difference between purpose-built devices and smartphones?

Purpose-built devices are designed to last longer than consumer grade smartphones. They are built with an internal high-performance scanner that is needed in a fast pace work environment. Find out more

Can I use voice and data on the purpose-built mobile devices?

Absolutely! The Honeywell and Zebra devices we offer are fully voice and data capable. Cellular data plan for real-time must be provided by your cellular company.

Can I lease devices?

Yes, devices we offer can be leased. Please contact us for lease policy and pricing.

Do devices come with a warranty?

Yes, all devices come with a 3-year warranty.

What mobile device accessories are available?

The following are accessories for our mobile devices:

  • Snap-on cup with cigarette lighter plug
  • Four or five bay charge only dock kit
  • Mobile device holsters
What OS do the devices run on?

Our purpose-built mobile computers run the most recent releases of Android, and support for the installed release is extended beyond the standard support timeframe offered by Google. Our manufacturers have put agreements in place with Google to ensure that your mobile computers are on supported versions without having to do a complete operating system refresh.

Can these devices scan any type of barcode?

Yes, any of the devices we recommend can scan all barcode formats: Codabar, QR, Barcode 128, Barcode 39, and more. Just make sure all barcode Symbologies are enabled on the scanner and it will be able to automatically detect barcode type, then read. Afterall, no single barcode can do it all and no barcode has a universal business application. So, you will be able to scan the barcodes with the symbology that works best for your specific applications.


What happens next after I decide to use MCE as my specimen tracking solution?

The following are key steps for implementation:

  1. Issue a Purchase Order
  2. Sign MCE End User Agreement
  3. Your Lab will be added to the MCE host server
  4. MCE will send your lab a Microsoft Excel form which must be completed with required client information.
  5. Client master file will be created, and sites loaded and geo-coded for GPS. There will be data which the lab must enter to complete client master file such as notes, signature required, etc. This will be an ongoing process to keep client master information updated.
  6. On-line WebEx training will be scheduled, which will be 30 minutes to 1 hour. Training sessions will be administrative, creating routes, dispatch, and courier. Sessions can be repeated.
  7. Devices will be ordered and shipped to our office for charging, set up, and testing.
  8. When devices are received in our office, will send lab device information required by cellular provider to activate data and/or voice. We will assist with activation/cellular provider as requested.
  9. Courier training may be completed after devices are received by lab
  10. Devices sent to lab ready to use

Because MCE is a cloud based solution, and all mobile devices are set-up in-house, little to no involvement from your IT department is needed for implementation. 

How long does it take to implement MCE?

The average time to implement MCE is 60 days from purchase order to start date.


Is MCE secure to use?

MCE offers many features that provide peace of mind that your precious information is safe and secure.

  • All of your information is encrypted with industry-standard security protocols.
  • Your mobile devices have a locked-down user interface. Meaning that your users only have access to the applications necessary to do their job.
  • Our mobile device manager system, MobiControl, has the capability of wiping lost or stolen devices
What are MCE's courier safety features?

The emergency alert feature is used when a courier finds themselves in a situation where they need assistance (an emergency situation with their vehicle, themselves, or situation at a particular site that may put them or others at risk). All the courier needs to do is click on the ‘emergency alert’ link and MCE will automatically transmit an alert to all lab administrators with the courier’s GPS location.

What happens if couriers drive through areas with poor/no cell signal?

We have thought of that as well! We know that your couriers sometimes go into the deepest recesses of buildings or drive into areas that do not have solid wireless coverage. It happens! So, we have developed a “real-time” data synchronization system that utilizes a store-n-forward methodology. If you are not within wireless coverage, then we will store the information securely on the mobile device and then quietly synchronize the data when you are once again in wireless coverage. It’s just that simple!

How does lab management control data and access in MCE?

MCE allows lab admin to create user-defined roles within MCE to control access to data from unauthorized users.


Does MCE provide integrations with any LIS/EMR software?

We do offer ways for other systems to integrate with MCE. Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to integrate MCE with their existing system to eliminate manual data entry and other tasks that currently are not part of the existing system. Learn more.

Can MCE print barcode labels for my lab?

Yes, we can! We can print them in-house at our location and ship them to you ready to use.

Where can I purchase barcoded specimen bags?

We have selected trusted vendors that we recommend for ordered preprinted barcoded sample bags. Please contact us for more info.

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