Sleek, Modern and Tough — Zebra TC56 Touch Computer

TC56 Touch Computer: The World’s Most Advanced Industrial Smartphone

If you are looking for an industrial mobile device to improve productivity, you should put the TC56 Touch Computer from Zebra at the top of your list. This mobile computing device is as sleek and powerful as the most coveted consumer-oriented smartphones and tablets, but with the strength, reliability and ruggedness to outperform the typical handheld computer.

Power in a Small Package

At just under 9 ounces and less than ¾ of an inch thick, this sleek device packs a lot of punch into a small footprint. This hard-working device runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Mobility Extension and has a super-efficient 1.8 GHz 64-bit processor, so it sips at its battery rather than gulps like other devices. That long-battery life keeps the TC56 Touch Computer running strong through an entire day on the production floor, the retail floor or the hospital floor, and apps run up to five times faster than on other devices.

As Tough as It Is Powerful

Zebra made sure this industrial mobile device could stand up to the rigors of a working day. It meets and may even exceed an IEC tumble spec of 500 1.6-foot tumbles, and withstands drops of 4 feet on tile over concrete (5 feet when wearing its boot). You don’t have to worry about device damage from an inattentive moment. It’s all in a day’s work for the TC56.

Secure Handheld Computing

Zebra packed strong security features into its flagship device, including text messaging that’s secure enough to keep patient information private while still allowing clinical collaboration. Zebra Mobility Extension (MX) prevents unauthorized users from accessing the device or your network, and prevents users from installing or opening unapproved apps. MX is constantly monitoring the device for vulnerabilities, and it can automatically act if it detects an issue—safeguarding your data and keeping employees productive.

 A Productivity Powerhouse

Standard configuration for these devices come with Google Mobile Services pre-loaded, so your workers have access to productivity apps such as G-Mail or Google Maps. The Professional Configuration adds more privacy and security for sensitive use cases. A rugged Gorilla Glass screen is viewable even in strong sunlight, and responds to touch even when workers are wearing gloves or stylus.

These devices are much more than a handheld industrial computer. They’re one of the best Smartphones you can find, with speakers that provide up to 4 times the volume of other smartphones, and with built-in noise cancellation technology.

World Class Connectivity

It’s got strong, fast Wi-Fi, 5G LTE cellular and built-in NFC, so you’re connected when you need it. It also has instant-call capabilities for emergencies, whether your team is in the emergency room of a hospital or the far reaches of an industrial plant.

The TC56 touch computer from Zebra is an industrial mobile device made for the real world. If productivity of your mobile workforce matters to you, you owe it to yourself to evaluate this innovative handheld computer. Explore it with us! Contact us today for more information.


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