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September 2019 News

With 2020 right around the corner, now is a great time to begin planning your mobile device strategy for improved device performance, courier productivity and process efficiency.  Considering an upgrade to new technology is more than just a way to have the latest-and-greatest….Read More

August 2019 News

With cyber-attacks on the rise, and hackers getting more and more sophisticated, it’s increasingly important to enhance security by employing strong passwords.  By adding complexity rules in your MCE profile, we make it easy to update the password policy for your lab….Read More

July 2019 News

4G isn’t a new technology, in fact, it’s been around for nearly a decade, and 3G has been a mainstay simply because the devices we’ve been operating on 3G networks are still working! However, this 3G streak is coming to its final stages.  We’ve been communicating this message for about a year now, but in case you’re just tuning in, here are the details….Read More

June 2019 News

An investment in technology may seem like a hit to the budget, but it’s a project worth pursuing!  In fact, our customers experience an extremely favorable ROI (return on investment) that can occur in a matter of months, not years.  Consider the advantages it can bring to your operations when you make the move to a barcode data collection solution….Read More

May 2019 News

Learn more about the direct benefits of cloud-based systems and the reasons why more and more organizations are taking to the cloud for any number of business applications.  From capital equipment savings to improved worker productivity and greater flexibility, the cloud is a scalable tool that allows you to reach your loftiest goals without missing a beat….Read More

April 2019 News

All labels are not created equal.  In fact, the wrong label can lead to quality, compliance, productivity and customer service issues.  Making an educated decision about which type of label you choose is critical; you definitely don’t want to deal with labels that fall off, cause poor print quality, or get damaged during any part of the normal workflow process….Read More


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