Disinfect Your MCE Scanner for COVID-19

Laboratories from across the United States utilize MCE and it’s handheld mobile devices to scan specimens for pick-up and delivery tracking. Many of these devices are shared between couriers which is why it is important for labs to implement protocols for routine cleaning and disinfecting to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Not just any sanitizing product should be used.

As an MCE customer you are utilizing either a Honewywell or Zebra mobile scanning device, and it is important to know there is not a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution. Cleaning recommendations vary between brands, and improper cleaning can leave your hardware susceptible to damage and a shortened lifespan.

Below are factory recommended guidelines for disinfecting your devices.

Disinfect Your Zebra Mobile Scanner

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How To Properly Clean Your Zebra Device

Disinfect Your Honeywell Mobile Scanner

MCE Honeywell CT40 specimen barcode scanner

How to Properly Clean Your Honeywell Device