MCE offers turnkey service and support that requires little to no involvement from your IT staff.

We understand that information systems teams are overwhelmed with supporting hardware and software systems, and MCE was developed with that in mind. We created MCE to be a turnkey solution that has little or no impact on your IT staff. Once your mobile devices are activated through your cellular provider, we take ownership of all support needed to operate MCE.  There is no configuring MCE for your local network or installing cumbersome software on your lab’s network. All you need is a browser to access our web portal and you can manage your couriers, create routes, and track specimens.

In addition, MCE’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system allows us to support your couriers 24/7 while out in the field. With a quick call to our service line, we can access your courier’s device remotely and fix the problem at hand. 

Furthermore, If a handheld is damaged or stops working, you simply ship it to us, and we’ll handle the process of getting your device repaired and shipped back to you, ready to hand back to the courier. How easy is that?





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