Enhance the success of your lab outreach program with Medical Courier Elite’s (MCE) barcoded specimen tracking & GPS system, and enable your laboratory to provide superior patient care, and win business.



Barcoded Specimen Tracking Bag

Know in real-time when couriers arrive and pickup specimens from physician offices, and when specimens are delivered to the lab.



Organization and proper procedure are paramount when dealing with the pickup patient medical specimens. With MCE, couriers utilize a mobile scanning device to scan a barcode of the specimen and easily enter specimen count and sample identification. Pickup time is recorded. Once scanned, the specimen is entered into MCE’s system in real-time for tracking delivery.

Specimens can be barcoded based on the preference of the lab and the customer. Examples of  barcodes specimens utilized by outreach labs would be: barcodes printed directly on requisitions, barcodes printed directly on specimen bags, adhesive piggyback barcodes, or standard 1-up or duplicate 2-up adhesive labels.



A feature in MCE known as “Streamlining” allows labs to easily track specimen transfers between couriers or multiple locations. To initiate a transfer Courier A simply scans the specimens being transferred to Courier B. Courier A’s handheld device will display a barcode, which can be scanned by Courier B’s handheld device to accept the transferred specimens. By integrating transfer tracking, Streamlining makes MCE a more robust tool for accurately tracking a specimen through each step of the journey to its final destination. Read more about Streamlining on our blog.



Couriers scan specimens again upon delivery to the lab or delivery destination; arrival time is recorded, ensuring proof of delivery and fulfilling the chain of custody. MCE audits specimens as they are scanned to insure all specimens scanned at pickup are lab-scanned and corrective process is provided for any specimens not scanned at pickup but delivered to lab.



Capture signatures at specimen pickup, display special information or notes about pickup locations, specify the types of specimens being transported, or create special fields specific to your laboratory. 



Use MCE’s intuitive reporting features to track how many specimens are picked up from customers. Use information to determine if specimen volumes are increasing or decreasing, and make decisions to optimize and improve operations. 


Why MCE for Courier Management and Specimen Tracking?

One System, One Solution

Never worry about compatibility issues between software and hardware– MCE provides all of the tools necessary for success including a web-based software solution, high-performance mobile computers, and second-to-none support.

Take Productivity to New Heights

MCE helps laboratories improve employee productivity by presenting all courier data in an easy-to-digest format. Courier managers can use the collected information to optimize courier performance, improve specimen collection and route management.

No Extra Work for IT Teams

MCE is fully supported by Taylor Data Systems, so there is no strain on IT resources. Taylor Data not only provides secure data backup but also unparalleled customer service and technical support to answer all questions. A completely web-based application, MCE’s software requires minimal technical resources, another bonus for your laboratory.

Identify Samples Beyond the Barcode

Courier input provides more information than just scanning barcodes– couriers can define the specimen and quantity for improved specimen identification.

Help Labs Work Smarter

Real-time enables lab managers to better manage employee workloads and lab resources when they know the exact specimen types and quantities in-route to the labs.

Accuracy Comes Standard

Employees have direct access to specimen information and are able to answer client questions quickly and accurately. The data entered also establishes a clear chain of accountability.


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