Barcoded Specimen Tracking Bag

How tolerant is your lab of lost specimens? Some labs consider missing specimens a normal by-product of daily operations and it becomes acceptable. However, lost specimens are costly from a perspective of manpower used looking for specimens, loss of customer trust, and potential legal implications. One study suggests a single lost specimen could cost a lab $548, and cumulative errors over a three-month period increased the cost to $20,430. Can your lab afford lost specimens?

MCE was designed to reduce and eliminate lost specimens. Here’s how it works. At customer pick-up, couriers use mobile computers/scanners to scan barcoded specimen bags and record what/when/where and how many samples were picked-up. At lab delivery, couriers scan specimens out to reconcile what was scanned at pick-up. If any picked-up specimens were not delivered, MCE immediately alerts the courier and the courier is required to find that specimen to scan-out before he/she can sign-out at the lab. 

MCE’s Specimen Tracking System has saved money for labs nationwide in addition to improving customer service. Find customer testimonials here.


Outreach labs flourish and are more competitive when they provide customers with superior courier services. MCE provides many customizable and special features associated with specimen pick-ups to ensure your lab continues to build strong customers relationships and dependable patient care. 

  • Record specimen type, location, and pick-up/delivery times.
  • Courier note section for special information.
  • Automatic in-field email notification to CSRs or managers of flagged customer issues.
  • Capture customer signatures at pick-up (contactless signature capture also available).
  • Automatic customer emails with verification of all samples picked-up.
  • Missing specimen alerts at lab delivery.
  • Bulk Specimen Scanning – Scan multiple specimens into a barcoded bulk container to simplify delivery scan-out through scanning the container barcode (not recommended).
  • Specimen Transfers – Records chain-of-custody between couriers or other reference labs.
  • Reporting – Track how many specimens are picked-up from customers to determine increases/decreases over time, and to make informed operational decisions based on outreach volumes.

Contact MCE today to schedule a short web demo to see how MCE improves specimen tracking and courier pick-up services. 

Why MCE for Courier Management and Specimen Tracking?

One System, One Solution

Never worry about compatibility issues between software and hardware– MCE provides all of the tools necessary for success including a web-based software solution, high-performance mobile computers, and second-to-none support.

Take Productivity to New Heights

MCE helps laboratories improve employee productivity by presenting all courier data in an easy-to-digest format. Courier managers can use the collected information to optimize courier performance, improve specimen collection and route management.

No Extra Work for IT Teams

MCE is fully supported by Taylor Data Systems, so there is no strain on IT resources. Taylor Data not only provides secure data backup but also unparalleled customer service and technical support to answer all questions. A completely web-based application, MCE’s software requires minimal technical resources, another bonus for your laboratory.

Identify Samples Beyond the Barcode

Courier input provides more information than just scanning barcodes– couriers can define the specimen and quantity for improved specimen identification.

Help Labs Work Smarter

Real-time enables lab managers to better manage employee workloads and lab resources when they know the exact specimen types and quantities in-route to the labs.

Accuracy Comes Standard

Employees have direct access to specimen information and are able to answer client questions quickly and accurately. The data entered also establishes a clear chain of accountability.


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