Maximizing field operations: Bring stability to an ever-changing environment

Courier with Honeywell CT60

For field operations like courier delivery, the right device makes all the difference. In a fast-paced environment, the need for powerful performance, durability and reliability around the clock keeps couriers moving forward to deliver outstanding customer service.

When we’re working with medical labs to automate the specimen collection process, we look for ways to simplify as many steps as possible. The ability to pack the bulk of it into one small mobile computing device means fewer devices for the specimen courier to handle so they concentrate on the task at hand.

When Honeywell launched the Dolphin™ CT60 mobile computer, we knew this would be an excellent option for courier management for a number of reasons. The CT60 operates on Android, which means you can count on the kind of support and security we’ve come to expect from Android devices.  With the latest announcements from Microsoft regarding end-of-life of extended support for Windows CE and Windows Handheld, it’s comforting to know that with the Android OS we’ll have many generations of support available in this device.

For field delivery applications like specimen collection management, the Dolphin CT60 makes the grade with these features:
Honeywell Dolphin CT60 Mobile Computer

  • Designed to be portable; small footprint makes it easy for specimen couriers to handle
  • Dependable for years to come; operates on Android OS (generations Nougat – Q)
  • Voice and data connectivity using 4G/LTE
  • Built for rugged operations indoors or out
  • Part of the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform family of devices

Another important feature of the CT60 is that it operates using 4G/LTE connectivity. Verizon’s most recent announcement stating they will no longer activate mobile devices that rely on a non-LTE/3G network means users will need to upgrade their technology to newer devices that operate on 4G/LTE or 5G networks.

Built for the road
With advanced network capabilities, couriers can easily send and receive files, videos and quickly access business apps.  This is especially important for courier drop-off or pick-up to provide proof of performance, item damage, or package discrepancies. Other cool features include the ability to capture signatures, mark up images and even record notes via voice, not to mention rapid scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes.

Its long-life battery makes life on the road more convenient, and accidental drops to asphalt are no big deal because it’s designed for tumbles and has a Gorilla® Glass touchscreen.

Download the CT60 data sheet.

What’s Mobility Edge?

Honeywell created the Mobility Edge platform to simplify life for developers and IT staff. Juggling the task of integrating multiple types of devices can be a headache for IT.  With Mobility Edge, each device in the family operates on the same platform, making integration and app development much easier.  Particularly when it’s time to upgrade devices.  Learn more about Mobility Edge here.


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