Medical Courier Technologies: 15 IT Questions Labs Should Ask

cloud-based specimen trackingIt is estimated that 70% of patient care is delivered outside the hospital. (  With increasing outpatient care it will be imperative for outreach laboratories to implement quality automated solutions to keep up with demand, remain operationally efficient, and continue to provide quality customer services. This includes automated systems for medical courier services.

While most labs put a lot of focus on the price and ease of use of an automated courier system, they sometimes gloss over what may be required from an IT perspective. However, not completely understanding IT and system requirements prior to the purchase of a solution can be a costly mistake for your lab. To avoid any misjudgments in selecting an automated medical courier solution, there are specific questions you should ask to make sure the technology you are investigating is a fit for your practice.

IT Questions You Should Ask:

  1. Does this solution collect PHI, and if so, does it meet all HIPAA technology requirements?
  2. What hardware and other items are needed to operate the system?
  3. Is the system cloud-based or does it require downloading software to your operating system?
  4. How much time and involvement will be required from my IT staff to implement this solution?
  5. How much time and involvement will be required from my IT staff to support this solution on an ongoing basis?
  6. How often are patches and updates made to system to keep it relevant?
  7. How are updates implemented?
  8. Will users receive ample notification of major updates or system changes prior to changes?
  9. Labs have different operational needs. Can the system be modified or customized to meet your specific needs?
  10. Does the system have application programming interfaces (API’s) should your lab need data integrated with your LIS or CRM systems?
  11. What type of support and training is offered to implement the system?
  12. If you run into a technical or hardware issue, how will it be supported?
  13. Can mobile hardware be locked down?
  14. What security features does the system offer?
  15. Where will data be hosted?

Depending on other requirements set by your lab or hospital system there may be additional questions to cover. However, by addressing these topics you should have a clearer understanding regarding the amount of time and resources that will need to be put forth by your IT staff and what you will be dealing with from a security standpoint.  

Courier technologies should be easy to implement, require little IT resources, provide exceptional security, and furnish ongoing support at no additional cost. There are many generic courier technology solutions in the market but very few are geared towards the unique needs of medical couriers. Those that are still are not able to offer the same flexibility, features, and system requirements at the same level as MCE. MCE was designed with the goal of utilizing minimal IT resources and exceptional customer service.

Essentially, as a cloud-based solution, MCE requires little to no IT involvement to implement or operate. As a technology company focused on laboratory and hospital courier systems, we are well versed in addressing the many requirements and needs of medical systems. Through MCE’s administrative website, mobile app, and the dynamic Honeywell CT40 mobile computer/scanner, labs can efficiently manage courier operations and track specimens from pick-up to delivery.  To learn more about MCE’s system requirements, download this informational sheet and contact us today to schedule a demo.

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