Clinical Expectations for Proof-of Delivery for Specimen Pickups.

Exceptional customer service starts with the face of your outreach lab – your medical couriers. Your courier’s professionalism reflects your lab’s reliability and overall care for patients and clients. When miscommunication, erratic pick-up times, or misplaced specimens occur, the reputation of your lab is on the line and you should be able to provide documentation for proof of pickup and delivery.

Think about this: in a world filled with mass courier services, your customers have been conditioned to expect proof-of-delivery in both their personal and professional lives. With COVID lockdowns still in place, and delivery services pushed to the limits, this statement is even more true. So, if your customers can receive pickup/delivery notifications for personal online purchases, how much more important is it to provide pickup/delivery notifications for patients’ medical samples? Are these samples any less important to track?

In today’s digital world, your customers have high expectations for electronic proof of courier visits and specimen deliveries. For years national labs have exceled at exceptional courier services because of their ability to automate routing, scheduled pickups, and provide proof of pickup and delivery. There should be no exception for local and regional labs to offer the same quality of services when options like MCE are readily available and easy to implement.

Using the Honeywell CT60 mobile computer couriers can track and provide electronic proof of pickup and deliveries.

What MCE Records at Site Visits:

  • Customer Info
  • Courier Info
  • Pick-up Date/time
  • Barcode Identifiers for Specimen Bags Including:
    • Specimen Types
    • Specimen Counts
    • Specimen Notes
  • Customer Signature
  • Customer Complaints (Which Generates an Email to Lab Admin)
  • Other Customizable Fields

What Clinics Receive Post Visit:

  • Email Notification of all specimens retrieved at site visit.

What MCE Records at Specimen Delivery:

  • Courier Information
  • Drop-off Date/Time
  • Barcode Identifiers

Collecting this information is only as valuable as your ability to report on it. With MCE administrators can quickly pull reports or search for specimens based on multiple criteria to provide customers with proof of pick-up and delivery.

Setting your lab up for superior customers service is easy and more affordable than you think. Contact MCE today for a web demo and quote today. Submit our online form at:


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