3 (More) Reasons to Switch to Android

Only 4% of new mobile devices for the enterprise are being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, which means the majority of devices will come standard with an Android OS. If you think you still have time to leverage your existing Windows device, you certainly do; however, you may end up paying more for development fees for apps you have to migrate to Windows OS.

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How secure is your cloud-based data?

With the varying needs of businesses today, and the amount of data being processed daily, many organizations are using cloud-based applications that use data centers, or even looking to data centers as an extension of their business for their IT requirements.

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3 Ways Labs Can Succeed with Automatic Data Collection

An investment in technology may seem like a hit to the budget but consider the advantages it can bring to your operations. From team productivity and faster transaction times, to the elimination of lost specimens and greater accountability, it’s a project worth pursuing. Not to mention the fact that our customers experience an extremely favorable ROI (return on investment) that occurs in a matter of months, not years.

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Why Android Is Now the Best Choice for Enterprise Mobile Computers

Microsoft’s exit from the enterprise mobile computing market has been a concern for years, and it’s become a harsh reality for many companies with all versions of the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system reaching their end of life. With security and support options ending and only 4% of all new enterprise devices being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, it’s time for many businesses to rethink their OS strategy.

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Four Facts about Cloud-Based Solutions

Although cloud computing may be difficult to wrap your head around (where DO all my photos go once they’re in the “cloud”?), it has certainly made a big impact on business. Whether you’re skeptical or not, the truth of the matter is that cloud is here to stay, and it’s giving more organizations the scalability and flexibility they need to manage growth, resources and costs.

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Six Reasons You Should Implement a Clinical Mobility Solution

Healthcare clinics and hospitals are undergoing a major technology transformation, and one of the most strategic improvements is implementing clinical mobility solutions. In this article, we look at the six major reasons why many healthcare providers are implementing mobile technologies and clinical mobile strategies.

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3 Tips to Simplify Your OS Migration

With Microsoft exiting the enterprise mobile device market, thousands of companies are now facing the need to switch to a new OS. But migrating to a new OS can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re already busy trying to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to simplify the transition, and here are the three key tips you should consider:

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Tips for a Better Label Printing Experience

Barcode technology has enabled so many improvements in the healthcare industry. From pharmacy to med administration, to patient admissions and specimen delivery, processes are more efficient, quality is more easily monitored, and the patient experience keeps getting better.

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Delivering medical specimens: More than just point A to point B.

Medical specimen delivery is serious business. If a specimen sample is not delivered to the right place (or at the right time), there’s more at stake than an unhappy customer. Some samples are critical in nature (like bone marrow) and need to be carefully handled. Others, of course, are merely an inconvenience if they are lost and have to be retaken (a cholesterol sample, for example). Regardless, they are all waiting on a diagnosis based on the results of the lab tests on the specimens, and that’s very important to one’s health.

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4 Features you may not know about MCE

If you’re already familiar with Medical Courier Elite (MCE), you know that it’s chock full of productivity enhancing features and functionality to streamline operations to make the work day more efficient for couriers, dispatchers and administrators alike. If you’re just getting acquainted with MCE, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of ways you can improve accuracy and eliminate the annoyance of tracking down lost specimens.

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