4 Options Lab Couriers Use to Track Outreach Patient Specimens Electronically

Labs and their courier services are very diverse in the way they operate and what works for tracking specimens in one lab may not be the most efficient way to track in another. If your lab is considering tracking outreach specimens electronically you should understand the different barcode and non-barcode options available to determine the best fit for your lab operations.

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How to Avoid the Lost Specimen Blame Game

If you are dealing with a” lost specimen blame game in your lab” there are only two options that will resolve the conflict: 1. One party admits they are in the wrong, or 2. Provide concrete evidence regarding who last had possession of the specimen. Let’s think through the possible benefits/consequences of choosing each option.

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A Better Mobile App for Lab Outreach and Medical Courier Operations

There are many general-purpose courier mobile apps available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, but they’re really not designed specifically for medical courier operations, and they’re completely missing the core features and capabilities that lab managers need. MCE is the most comprehensive mobile app designed for medical courier operations.

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Justifying New Technology for Improved Medical Courier Operations

Medical laboratories are always searching for ways to become more efficient. However, most labs tend to focus on improving processes inside the lab walls and don’t consider how new technologies could improve their outreach courier services. In cases like these, labs are usually still running courier operations by a manual process for one of three reasons:

1. That’s the way it’s always been done, and it works.
2. We don’t have the budget for a courier management platform.
3. We don’t have the time or resources to implement a new courier system.

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Modernizing Your Medical Courier Operations

Labs demonstrating sophistication and maturity work towards developing consistency and reliability not only in main lab operations, but within their medical courier system as well. Medical couriers are the most recognizable face of your outreach lab . With MCE medical courier software and mobile app, your services can be taken to the next level.

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Medical Courier Technologies: 15 IT Questions Labs Should Ask

While most labs put a lot of focus on the price and ease of use of an automated courier system, they sometimes gloss over what may be required from an IT perspective. However, not completely understanding IT and system requirements prior to the purchase of a solution can be a costly mistake for your lab.

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Why Smartphones Aren’t a Good Choice for Medical Courier Workflows

Many medical laboratories look for every opportunity to save on costs, and that makes sense. Who wants to spend more if you can avoid it and do better on your bottom line? However, when it comes to running mobile applications for specimen tracking, courier management and lab outreach, going cheap on your mobile hardware costs can be an unbelievably expensive mistake.

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