Integrating MCE Courier Data with Other Information Systems in the Lab. 

One of the most frequent questions we get for Medical Courier Elite (MCE) is: “Can we integrate MCE collected data with other information systems within the lab?”. The simple answer is YES. Because MCE is not a standalone system it can share the data it collects and tracks with other apps and systems, including laboratory information systems (LIS) and customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce.

It all happens with MCE’s application programming interfaces (APIs). If you’re not already familiar with the concept, an API is a software interface with a set of clearly defined tools that allows two different and unrelated apps or systems to exchange information.

Using an API, you can get two apps or systems to talk to each other securely so you can transmit, share data, and update information with another system. You can also eliminate manual or duplicate data entry between systems and even use APIs to automate some of your specimen tracking and courier management workflows.

For example, if you create or update information about a pickup or delivery location in MCE, the API can automatically pull that same information into your LIS or other system. Similarly, you can do the same with route information and specimen pickup/delivery information.

APIs Available for MCE

Here is a quick breakdown of the different APIs that are available for MCE and what you can do with them.

Sites API

Using this interface, you can manage new or existing site information for courier pickups and deliveries, and you can:

  • Create new sites
  • Update or delete existing sites
  • Retrieve and share site information
  • Add, update, or delete contacts at each site

Site Visits API

This API facilitates the sharing of information between systems about pickups and deliveries. It allows you to apply various filtering parameters so you can retrieve a list of all or some of your recorded site visits.

Routes API

The routes API allows you to share information on all active pickup and delivery routes, enabling you to get a list of all active routes into virtually any app or system.

Specimens API

Securely transmitting and sharing specimen tracking information between systems is easy with the Specimens API. It provides two core functions that allow you to automatically accomplish several key tasks:

  • Retrieve a list of specimens that have been picked up or are in transit
  • Share the current geolocation of each specimen
  • Share the geolocation history of a specimen, including all sites and geolocations

Dispatching API

Using the Dispatching API, you can add new dispatches or manage existing dispatches, with sharing of all related data and information between MCE and your other apps or systems.

Additional APIs

Our developers at MCE continue to develop APIs and functionality to meet the needs of hospitals and laboratories. If there are additional APIs or specimen tracking and courier management capabilities you need, you can always contact our team to discuss your needs and how we can deliver a quick and effective solution.

Arranging a Demo to See How It Works

To learn more automatically sharing specimen tracking and courier management information between MCE and your other apps and systems, contact us now to schedule a personalized web demo of MCE. We can also give you a complete overview of our specimen tracking and courier management solution, how it runs on Zebra TC26 mobile computers, and how it will ensure that you know the status of all your specimen pickups and deliveries in real time. Just contact us at 877.331.7427 or submit your request now.


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