6 Reasons Why Your Lab IT Staff Will Appreciate MCE

A common theme for small-to-medium sized labs is having an IT representative that wears many hats. In addition to day-to-day support of users, the IT staff manages a wide array of responsibilities such as the phone system, network servers, software updates, preparing for outages, maintaining existing systems and protecting users from the dangers of a cyber-attack.

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Best Practices for Specimen Tracking Excellence

If you’re looking to make improvements in your outreach lab processes and would like to learn more about the CAP guidelines and best practices that are required for accreditation, and could also help you grow and increase the number of satisfied customers, then you may want to explore CAP’s General Lab Checklist.

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Ho-Ho-Ho, Where Did My Specimens Go?

Some days it may feel like we’re living in the land of misfit toys, with customers complaining about lost specimens, admins attempting to track down couriers on their routes or fielding angry calls from physician offices wondering when your courier is going to come by for pick-up.

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New MCE Feature: Map Dispatching for Lab Couriers & Managers

A day in the life of a lab courier is much more than specimen transport. Although the top priority for a courier is to provide outstanding service and care when conducting pick-ups and drop-offs of specimens, they are also responsible for strict chain of custody, and additional delivery-service duties throughout their day.

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Budgeting for New Technology: 3 Reasons to Get Started

Devices that are 5 years old or older may be missing out on important updates and security patches to protect them from failures or even a data breach. Not to mention performance enhancements and features on today’s models that make mobile computing devices easier to deploy and operate.

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3 (More) Reasons to Switch to Android

Only 4% of new mobile devices for the enterprise are being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, which means the majority of devices will come standard with an Android OS. If you think you still have time to leverage your existing Windows device, you certainly do; however, you may end up paying more for development fees for apps you have to migrate to Windows OS.

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How secure is your cloud-based data?

With the varying needs of businesses today, and the amount of data being processed daily, many organizations are using cloud-based applications that use data centers, or even looking to data centers as an extension of their business for their IT requirements.

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3 Ways Labs Can Succeed with Automatic Data Collection

An investment in technology may seem like a hit to the budget but consider the advantages it can bring to your operations. From team productivity and faster transaction times, to the elimination of lost specimens and greater accountability, it’s a project worth pursuing. Not to mention the fact that our customers experience an extremely favorable ROI (return on investment) that occurs in a matter of months, not years.

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