Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) Make MCE a More Robust Specimen Tracking and Courier Management System

MCE is a great tool for tracking medical specimens by collecting data from barcodes using Honeywell CT60 mobile scanners. But what if your lab needs to collect the same specimen information into other system applications outside of MCE?  Due to numerous requests from medical labs wanting MCE data shared with other systems, MCE developed an Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of clearly defined tools for two unrelated systems to exchange information. Customers who wish to automate some facets of MCE may use our APIs to accomplish various tasks. Whether you use Salesforce, a vended LIS or have your own in-house developed system, we provide easy access to your MCE information and functions.

Using our APIs may be a benefit for your lab to reduce double entry of information.  Tasks such as creating or updating site information or managing your routes can be done in MCE and automatically updated in another system. Another use could be getting the status and geolocation of your specimens that are in transit. Some labs create dispatches from their system and let that flow directly into MCE.

API’s Available for MCESpecimen Tracking API

Sites:  Using this interface you can manage new or existing site information. We allow you to create new sites, update or delete existing sites and retrieve site information. Within the Sites interface we allow access to the site Contacts. You can get a list of contacts or add new contacts, update, or delete existing contacts

Site Visits: Utilizing various filtering parameters you can retrieve a list of all, or some, of your recorded site visits.

Routes: With our Routes interface you provided with a method of getting a list of all active routes.

Specimens: The specimens interface provides a couple of functions

  1. You may retrieve a list of specimens that have been picked-up by a courier and are in transit. This provides the current geolocation of each specimen.
  2. You may get the geolocation history of a specimen which provides all geolocations that the specimen has associated with it

Dispatching:  Using the Dispatching interface you can add new dispatches as well as manage existing dispatches.

MCE is always taking customers’ needs into consideration for additional API’s that may be of value to them. If you are looking to improve your specimen tracking and courier management capabilities utilizing mobile scanning devices, barcodes, and API’s then contact MCE today! Email:


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