Running on Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5?

Microsoft already ended support for 6.0, and in January 2020 they will end support for 6.5 as well. If you have not started planning your mobile device migration strategy, now is the time!  In today’s environment, it’s important to have fully protected and reliable devices that offer the support your team needs. 

The time it takes to migrate your technology is time consuming – we’re not going to sugar coat it – the smartest way to attack it is to start with a plan and partner with an expert.


In a previous blog we mentioned only 4% of new mobile devices for the enterprise are being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, which means the majority of devices will come standard with an Android OS.  If you think you still have time to leverage your existing Windows device, you certainly do; however, you may end up paying more for development fees for apps you have to migrate to Windows OS.  And remember, as a Windows Handheld or CE user you will no longer receive security patches and support, which can be problematic in a world where we are constantly looking over our shoulder to keep our devices secure.

Making the decision to move to Android

There are mountains of industry blogs available (including a few blogs of our own) to make a case for migrating your specimen tracking and courier management application to Android mobile computing devices, but we’ve listed a few additional reasons here that we think are practical and important – often getting overlooked among other more technical factors.

Battery Life

Recharging and swapping out batteries shift after shift not only takes time but requires effort to make ensure there are always charged-and-ready replacements when it’s time to swap them out. Android devices offer battery management features to ensure longer battery life and keep device uptime, well, up.  This includes options that save battery life by reducing the power draw on your device:

  • Battery Usage Displays a list of items draining the battery by percentage since the last full charge
  • Battery Saver Saves battery power when the battery life begins to get low
  • Battery Optimization Places apps in Doze mode to improve battery life
  • Doze Prevents certain tasks from running if the device has been idle for a period of time

Improved Security

Powered by Google Intelligence, Android offers multiple layers of security, which is critical for today’s apps and devices.  With Google Play Protect, your device gets constant app analysis to prevent intrusions and enable quick recovery to protect your data.  Furthermore, Android offers management API’s (Application Programming Interface) to enforce compliance and apply policies to corporate data.

Variety of Form Factors

One nice feature about making the switch to Android is the unified platform that it offers regardless of the device.  A common interface simplifies the training process and familiarity of the OS means faster ramp-up time for new employees.  When it comes to management of handheld devices, Honeywell, for example, developed the Mobility Edge platform – which allows IT to easily manage any number of Honeywell Mobility Edge devices regardless of the form factor.  From an array of handheld mobile computers to tablets, your IT department can simplify implementation, deployment and management without spending tons of time managing individual devices.

The longer you wait to migrate, the more difficult and time consuming it will be to make changes in your environment without disrupting the normal course of business.  In April we posted a blog highlighting 3 tips to simplify your OS migration, and thought it would be worth sharing with you again.  All else aside, the importance of this migration isn’t just our opinion – it’s an industry-wide trend with leading manufacturers paving the way – proven by the number of Android-only new devices being launched.

Have a chat with us about your challenges and struggles!  We can work with you and your management team to educate and discuss best practices.  It’s not a task that should be taken on alone – partner with an expert who has the expertise and vendor partnerships to make it a smooth transition.


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