Why Android Is Now the Best Choice for Enterprise Mobile Computers

Zebra Android OS

Microsoft’s exit from the enterprise mobile computing market has been a concern for years, and it’s become a harsh reality for many companies with all versions of the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system reaching their end of life.

With security and support options ending and only 4% of all new enterprise devices being manufactured with Windows 10 IoT, it’s time for many businesses to rethink their OS strategy.

Windows 10 IoT poses several challenges for businesses looking to migrate from a legacy Windows OS, and unless you’re migrating from Windows 8, migration requires not only rewriting your apps and databases, but also reconfiguring your networks.

Additionally, Windows OS may be undesirable because recent versions lack the enterprise management capabilities or staging and provisioning services that businesses need. Windows doesn’t support the wide range of screen sizes and form factors needed for industrial mobile computing.

Those who’ve tried to stay with Microsoft and Windows 8 paid a steep price, sometimes totaling millions of dollars and years of development time. In fact, Home Depot took four years to migrate 28 apps. But there’s an opportunity to learn from Home Depot’s hardship, particularly since they themselves have made the switch to Android. It’s a strategy that many top technology organizations are implementing into the course of their business.

These players, along with the industry’s top hardware manufacturers, have made the switch to Android as their OS of choice. Here are some crucial reasons why:

Why Android is the New Enterprise OS of Choice

  1. It’s easier to use. Since it was designed from the ground up for intuitive simplicity, Android is extremely easy for enterprise workers to use. Many of them already use Android on their personal smartphones and tablets, so it’s an easy transition.

Android’s touch screen simplicity also helps streamline workflows with easy-to-use app interfaces and the ability to configure customized home screens, single-button app launches, and virtual keyboards.

  1. Android is now a highly secure enterprise OS. Thanks to mobile device management tools developed by Zebra Technologies and available on the latest Zebra handheld computers, Android is a highly secure enterprise OS on par with Windows.

You can completely control each device and application as well as network and data access. Over-the-air updates also make it easy to apply the latest security patches and keep your devices secure.

  1. Android is an open-source operating system. This means developers can modify the OS and add capabilities and restrictions that aren’t supported in the core OS.
  2. Development is faster and easier. Android has a large base of development resources that make it much faster and easier to migrate to a more modern OS and rewrite or create new apps. These include a massive global developer community and access to help resources, sample code, and app store apps.
  3. You can get lifetime OS support. While Microsoft has eliminated extended support options as of Windows 8, you can get a full OS update and security support for the lifetime of your Android devices. Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ provides 10 years of guaranteed OS support and security updates, including five years beyond competitors standard support period.Zebra-Android-Family

Evaluating Android for Your Enterprise Mobility Needs

To find out if Android is the right fit for your business, contact our mobility experts at Taylor Data Systems. We’ll help you choose the right OS strategy, develop a migration plan, and recommend the best Android hardware solutions for your future upgrade.


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