Budgeting for New Technology: 3 Reasons to Get Started

What’s the Hurry?

Track Lab SpecimensYour couriers are humming along, admins are fastidiously scheduling routes and running reports.  What’s the problem?  Although you may not feel the effects of industry changes yet, there are a few situations to be aware of that may apply to your lab specimen scanners.   In this blog we’re going to talk about the need to keep pace with today’s technology and how to put a meaningful plan together that won’t clog up resources or break the bank.

One issue users are facing is the end of extended support from Microsoft on Windows® Embedded Handheld OS devices.  Another looming change affecting Verizon 3G handheld mobile customers is the de-activation of 3G networks at the end of this year in favor of 4G LTE.  

Devices that are 5 years old or older may be missing out on important updates and security patches to protect them from failures or even a data breach.  Not to mention performance enhancements and features on today’s models that make mobile computing devices easier to deploy and operate.  Here are 3 reasons why the message to upgrade your technology is an important one right now:

  1. Service & Support

Legacy Windows mobile devices run on Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.  Earlier this year Microsoft discontinued extended support on their mobile operating systems, leaving your devices with the possibility of being vulnerable to security risks.  Without support from Microsoft, the chances of your device being affected are greater based on the speed at which apps are being developed and the increased presence of cyber-attacks.  Newer technology in the mobile computing industry runs primarily on Android™, which is known to offer greater levels of security; an important component due to the various apps available on the market today.

  1. Verizon 3G Network De-Activation

Of the major voice and data carriers, only Verizon has chosen to de-activate their 3G network at the end of this year. That means if your device is not 4G LTE capable, you will not be able to access voice and data service unless you’re connected through Wi-Fi.  This could have a huge impact on your lab, customers, and couriers.

  1. New Opportunities

Application development is much easier with an Android™ OS due to the nature of the open platform environment.  This takes the burden off IT for new application requirements and opens up opportunities for better ways to streamline workflows. 

The Next Step: Planning Your Strategy

There’s a lot to consider when planning a technology upgrade.  In addition to budgetary concerns, there are a host of other items on the list that need careful consideration.  This includes existing apps, additional features, training, and the logistics of the transition itself.  The best approach to planning and budgeting takes a team; this team should consist of your IT and management personnel along with a trusted, experienced solution provider who has worked with customers to transition from legacy devices to newer technology.

A strong partner can guide you through the process, share insight, work with your IT team to share the technical details and provide suggestions on how best to budget and execute based on your existing and future requirements.

Whether it’s for a courier on the daily route, or an administrator doing the route planning and scheduling, today’s mobile computing devices are intuitive, more reliable, and high-performance; providing an opportunity for your workforce to improve accuracy and productivity without fatigue or training issues to overcome. To make it even easier, there are even mobile computing devices with both Android and Windows platforms on board.  Having a dual-OS platform allows you to migrate and develop apps at your own pace without compromising operations or IT bandwidth.

Read more about the advantages of migrating to newer technology in our previous blog.

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