Tips for a Better Label Printing Experience

Barcode technology has enabled so many improvements in the healthcare industry. From pharmacy to med administration, to patient admissions and specimen delivery, processes are more efficient, quality is more easily monitored, and the patient experience keeps getting better. 

Product identification via barcoding can save organizations thousands of dollars annually, reducing errors, lost specimens and labor costs. The level of accountability it provides, particularly for an application such as specimen tracking and courier management, is valuable from a cost and customer satisfaction standpoint.  One key part of the barcoding process for labeled items, however, is the ability to match the right label with the application. 

Barcoding is only as good as the barcode itself.  If labels are hard to read, or just plain unreadable, then the whole process can fall apart.

Honeywell Duratherm™ LabelsHoneywell Intermec PC43t barcode labels printer
We often recommend Duratherm labels because they offer a variety of labels to accommodate a wide range of environments and specialized applications.  Not your ordinary thermal labels, Duratherm products offer:

  • Direct thermal paper
  • Excellent print quality
  • Economic, uncoated paper labels
  • Top-coated synthetic labels
  • Enhanced durability

Since these labels are used with thermal barcode printers, you don’t have to worry about the added expense of printer ribbons.  For more rugged environments where a label is not ideal, Duratherm also offers tags that provide increased durability and curl resistance (even in humid environments).

Importance of Certified Media
Regardless of the type of media you choose, we always recommend choosing a brand of label that meets the requirements of the printer manufacturer.  Manufacturer certified supplies ensure that the products meet quality standards, are adequately suited to the printer being used to print the barcodes on the labels (or tags) and will be supported by the printer manufacturer.

Our Service & Support
As an MCE customer, we are here to guide you through the process of selecting the correct labels and tags for your application.  Based on your requirements, our technical team can design and layout the label application for you, or even print them in-house to reduce the burden on your employees so they can focus their efforts on other priorities.

For more information on the types of labels that work best for specimen bags, download our label reference brief here.

For samples, questions and recommendations on the right type of label for your environment and applications, please contact us and a representative will guide you toward the best choice for your lab.


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