Thinking Beyond the Unit Price – Total Cost of Ownership for Your Mobile Device

Specimen tracking and Courier Management are two areas where MCE excels.  The availability of a cloud-based software Honeywell Computer Devicesolution specifically designed to improve the processes associated with specimen tracking means specimens are efficiently and accurately tracked from pick up to lab delivery and everywhere in between.

The software is the brains of the operation, and the hardware is the brawn.  Without a robust device, it would be difficult to maximize the efficiency of an operation like specimen collection.  Effective courier management is the backbone to providing an outstanding customer experience; without it an organization could suffer lost business and credibility.  In this article we will discuss the benefits of a well-rounded device that provides value to the user, management and IT, and how Honeywell and the Android operating system bring that value to the table.

Choosing the Right Device

In previous blogs we’ve talked about maximizing field operations, and how devices like Honeywell’s CT60 are designed to go Dolphin CT60the distance in terms of a durable design that offers the functionality to optimize courier operations.  But there are also requirements on the inside of the device that are important to meet the day-to-day necessities to simplify, optimize, secure and regulate usage among users.

For most organizations cost is at the top of the list in terms of selection criteria.  This is an important piece and should be thoroughly examined beyond the unit price, because mobile computing devices like the Dolphin™ CT60 offer long-term benefits that minimize labor costs, maximize worker productivity and simplify maintenance and support over the life of the device.

For Couriers

Couriers have a range of experience.  Many of our customers employee couriers who are part-time and have retired from full-time positions.  Some employees are not quite as savvy with smartphones as others, so user-friendliness is important.  They may get overwhelmed using multiple devices, so being able to operate using a single mobile computer for voice, data capture, GPS and apps simplifies the process for them immediately.

For IT Administrators

With the speed of technology today, IT administrators have a tough job.  There are a wide range of devices being used in the field, depending on the organizations BYOD policies, and maintaining control and security of these units can be a full-time job, not to mention all the other responsibilities your IT department must contend with on a daily basis.

Features like remote device management allow IT to troubleshoot, update, locate and maintain devices no matter their location.  This improves productivity and provides some standardization across the fleet.

With many devices operating on an Android operating system, features like Google Play Protect provide an added measure of safety and prevent attacks before they happen.  In terms of security, Android OS devices like the CT60 offer Google Play for Work and Google Play Protect, which further protect the device, network and user by allowing only authorized apps on the device and protecting the data by automatically scanning the device for malicious software on a regular basis.

With a device like Honeywell’s CT60, powered by the Mobility Edge platform, there are even more productivity boosting features for IT, and when you employ a family of Mobility Edge products in your organization, the advantages extend even further:

  • Device support extends beyond the first generation
  • Scalable platform makes application development easier to execute
  • Unit provisioning is common across device form factors
  • Configuration, management and deployment is also common

Why Mobility Edge & Android Work Well Together

For specimen tracking applications, mobile devices aren’t used for just a year or two, they are in the field for several years and often pulled when support and spare parts are no longer available.  That’s why Honeywell worked with Google to currently provide support for Honeywell’s Mobility Edge products out to Android generation R.  This means that the device you purchase today can be used with confidence for many years to come – which is much easier and safer for your device and network than general patch updates.  It also means your total cost of ownership will be much lower.

Before making a buying decision for your couriers, consider all aspects of value the device will bring – to your couriers, management and IT administrators.

Interested in seeing what your total cost of ownership might be on a Honeywell mobile computer?  Contact us to find out.


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