Six Reasons You Should Implement a Clinical Mobility Solution

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Healthcare clinics and hospitals are undergoing a major technology transformation, and one of the most strategic improvements is implementing clinical mobility solutions.

In this article, we look at the six major reasons why many healthcare providers are implementing mobile technologies and clinical mobile strategies.

  1. Faster Access to Medical Records

Mobile technology has revolutionized and mobilized the way we connect and communicate at home and in our communities; similarly, it’s now transforming clinical environments.

By deploying mobile computers and tablets, healthcare providers free their clinical staff from being tethered to, and limited, by personal computers and stationary devices. Mobile computing also enables faster, real-time access to patient records and data, thanks to breakthroughs in wireless networking speed and coverage, as well as advancements in processing power and connectivity.

When medical professionals can access data faster and wherever they need it, they can make quicker and more effective clinical decisions, which is ultimately better for patients.

  1. A Unified Device and Interface

Mobile computers now perform the functions of multiple devices, including desktop computers, cell phones, telephone handsets, and even pagers. Instead of carrying and using multiple devices, clinicians can access voice, data, health records, software applications, barcode scanning and even secure text capabilities through one device.

With the latest devices, such as Zebra’s TC56 touch computer, medical professionals can access all these capabilities through a unified interface with a single login credential. The device’s mobility also means they can access these functions virtually anywhere inside or outside a healthcare facility, providing a seamless and convenient user experience.

  1. Better Clinical Communication

Having mobile access to secure text, voice, and data means clinical staff can easily communicate in real time and coordinate and respond to patient needs faster and more effectively.

Mobile technologies also enable real-time audio, visual, and text alerts, so clinicians are informed as soon as an urgent event or patient-care need emerges.  Additionally, with the ability to pair devices such as Zebra’s TC51-HC with smart badges, healthcare facilities can enable one-touch activation of voice communications for even faster responses.

  1. Stronger Patient Data Security

Quickly accessing real-time patient data is one thing; protecting that data is equally is important. Fortunately, with mobile technologies, healthcare organizations can exercise complete control over patient data security, with easy-to-use yet powerful device management tools.

For example, with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), healthcare organizations can lock down Android mobile devices with healthcare-grade security that provides complete control over available enterprise applications, network access, logins, user access levels, data partitioning, and more.

  1. Lower Costs

By reducing the need for multiple devices and making it easier to access patient data and collaborate in real time, clinical mobility solutions help healthcare organizations save significant money. The up-front costs quickly turn into long-term cost savings in device hardware, IT support requirements, and better staff efficiency. Further savings are enabled by adopting rugged, healthcare-grade devices that provide durability and accessories to minimize servicing and repair costs.

  1. Centralized Device Management

The wireless connectivity of mobile technologies enables centralized and remote device management. IT staff can monitor and access each device’s status, performance, network connection, and usage at any time, and automated alerts can send immediate notifications when a problem arises.

Centralized device management makes it easy to configure devices remotely, troubleshoot issues, and optimize device utilization to reduce procurement requirements.

Exploring Clinical Mobility for Your Facility

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