How To Track Medical Specimens Transferred Between Couriers

Medical Specimen Courier TransfersIn day-to-day operations many bigger laboratories often have specimens picked up by one medical courier before being transferred to another to be delivered to the lab. While this process may sound simple, it can often become a “crack in the system” where samples can easily go missing.  Add “hubs” to that or multiple courier transfers and the system can become volatile.

Combating these “cracks” become essential in managing medical courier pick-up and deliveries, and finding the right system is crucial to ensure patient safety and eliminate costs related to redraws. Below we will discuss how MCE electronically tracks specimens transferred between couriers to ensure samples are reconciled from pick-up to delivery and how your lab can utilize MCE’s courier software and mobile app solution to improve your courier services.

Using MCE to Reconcile Transferred Specimens

As you may know, MCE’s cloud-based specimen tracking and courier management software and mobile app was created specifically to meet the needs of medical laboratories and their couriers. When MCE was initially designed in 2005 its sole function was to electronically track barcoded specimens from one courier pick-up at the physician office to delivery at the lab. As our customer base grew, so did the needs of the labs that were managing courier services with MCE.

Today, MCE works with labs that transport specimens hundreds of miles across an entire state or sometimes multiple states. Systems like these require specimens to be transferred between couriers to ensure route efficiencies, but at the same time there is a need for courier accountability for ownership of the specimens. Because of this need “Specimen Transfers” or also known as “Streamlining” was added as a function in MCE.

With specimen transfers, MCE streamlines the electronic tracking process between couriers using barcodes and their handheld devices. The process works like this: Using a mobile computer, Courier A simply scans the specimens that are being transferred to Courier B. Courier A’s mobile computer will then display a barcode, which can be scanned by Courier B’s mobile computer to accept the transferred specimens. This action now moves the accountability for those selected specimens from Courier A to Courier B. Furthermore, lab administrators can see those specimens are now in control by Courier B and can track their progression to delivery.  

Additionally, for labs using “hubs” for transfers, those locations can now be setup as a “transfer location”. These locations can be designated as either a pick-up or drop-off location or both depending on how it’s being utilized. This way lab administrators and couriers can continue to track specimen locations throughout the delivery process. By integrating transfer tracking, “Streamlining” makes MCE a more robust tool for accurately tracking a specimen through each step of the journey to its final destination.

Why Larger Medical Labs Select MCE

MCE has proven its value to medical laboratories nationwide, helping lab courier operations work smarter and more efficiently. The ability to track a missing specimen, particularly a critical sample that cannot be replaced, already offers ample justification for implementing MCE. However, our goal is to continually refine MCE to give users a more robust, more flexible, and more effective solution that increases efficiency and virtually eliminates all problems associated with lost or misplaced specimens.

With more and more labs and couriers relying on MCE every day, we’re gathering a lot of ideas for ways we can make MCE even better. Streamlining specimen transfers is just one example of how MCE gives users more flexibility in the way specimens and locations are handled.

MCE prides itself in providing continual system enhancements based on the real needs of its customers. Improvements like Streamlining create a better experience for lab administrators and couriers, and you can count on us to continue listening to your suggestions and soliciting your feedback as we make enhancements that increase the effectiveness and the performance of your lab and couriers. Contact MCE at 877-331-7427 or at to learn more about MCE and how the streamlining function adds flexibility over specimen routing and transfers.


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