Four Facts about Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions-MCE Specimen Tracking

Although cloud computing may be difficult to wrap your head around (where DO all my photos go once they’re in the “cloud”?), it has certainly made a big impact on business.  Whether you’re skeptical or not, the truth of the matter is that cloud is here to stay, and it’s giving more organizations the scalability and flexibility they need to manage growth, resources and costs.  In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of cloud-based services and why it’s not as scary as you may think.

Reduces the Burden on IT Staff

With cloud services, there’s typically a support team on the other end managing updates, security, data back-ups and more.  This saves your internal IT department tons of time on the systems management side, which leaves more time for your team to spend working on other priorities in the business.  The advantage of managed services for cloud applications is that the developer has already figured out how to provide multi-layer protection of your data and constantly monitors activity that your internal team may or may not have the time to do if the application was in-house.  With the threat of hackers and various other cyber-security risks, it’s important to take every precaution to protect your data, and that’s what cloud-based solution providers do.

No to worry, you can easily manage the level of control you want to have, and have full access to your account and applications, but when we’re talking about systems management and support from an ongoing maintenance standpoint, cloud-based services typically have all the bases covered.

Less Downtime, More Uptime

Speaking of threats, in addition to cyberattacks, there’s mother nature.  Storms, flooding, fire and other hazards can put your data and ability to do business, at risk. With cloud-based services you can operate anywhere there’s an internet connection, on any internet-connected device.  This keeps business moving at a reasonable pace while the situation gets resolved back at the office. Maintaining worker productivity and keeping customers satisfied, even though the power is out, is reason enough why you’d want to explore a cloud-based solution. 

Cost Savings

On-site data storage requires servers (capital equipment), which can be costly when you add it all up.  On the plus side, you maintain total control of your data and management of security, back-ups and user monitoring, but it comes with a cost – including the resource and space needed to support it.  Yes, with cloud computing there’s typically a subscription cost tied to usage levels, but it’s likely to be much less than the total cost of doing business with an on-site solution when you factor in the overhead required to maintain it (that includes power, HVAC and admin costs).

Scalability & Flexibility

Need to add users? Need to remove users?  Branching out into remote offices around the world?  With cloud-based solutions you don’t have to fret over growth plans and seasonal changes to accommodate new requirements.  One major benefit of cloud is to take advantage of the flexibility it offers – particularly when growth is in the business plan.  Applications like MCE are completely scalable and designed to grow and evolve as the business grows and evolves, and again, no invested IT capital to worry about. 

For Specimen Tracking & Courier Management, Labs Choose MCE

MCE (Medical Courier Elite) is a low-maintenance, cloud-based tool for labs to manage courier operations.  It’s all in the cloud, no software to download and no updates to worry about managing.  Reporting is extremely flexible and MCE utilizes readily available applications like GPS to help optimize routes and keep tabs on courier productivity.  Updates and security are OUR concern, and we keep your data safe and protected.

Learn more about the advantages of cloud by arranging an appointment with one of our MCE experts!  Contact us today to get started.


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