6 Ways MCE Benefits Lab IT Operations

MCE Cloud Based SoftwareMedical Courier Elite (MCE) is the cloud-based medical courier management software and mobile app that delivers significant productivity and accuracy benefits for couriers collecting and transporting specimens. The primary benefits of MCE include improved efficiency, more accurate specimen tracking, and a dramatic reduction in lost specimens. But MCE offers another important benefit for labs and hospitals: simplified IT operations.

Let’s look at six ways MCE benefits your IT department:

Simplified Software Updates

With MCE cloud-based specimen tracking, updates are distributed automatically, eliminating the need for offline processes that consume limited IT resources and disrupt regular operations. This enables more frequent updates to introduce innovative features and essential security upgrades with less IT involvement.

Predictable IT Costs

Few things disrupt the IT budget more than unexpected capital expenses and the cost of major software upgrades. As a cloud-based solution, MCE replaces uncertainty with 100% predictable subscription costs, making the expenses of major upgrades a thing of the past. You’ll also budget less for the purchase and maintenance of on-premise resources like servers and other hardware. Many IT teams also see savings due to needing less staff for data center support and troubleshooting.

Data Loss Prevention and Disaster Recovery

With MCE, medical couriers use mobile devices to capture specimen tracking data, but the data is stored in the cloud, which virtually guarantees that data can be recovered, even if a mobile device experiences a catastrophic failure. Plus, unlike on-premise systems, which are vulnerable to everything from power outages to natural disaster, MCE uses secure cloud-based storage that allows your IT staff to quickly recover from adverse events.

Remote Worker Flexibility

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in reliance on remote work. To a large extent, this is made possible by cloud-based apps like MCE, which are designed specifically to make it easy for your IT staff to provision the software on mobile devices. So, when a lab manager wants plan medical courier routes or run daily reports, they can do it virtually anywhere without support from the IT department.

Easier Collaboration

On many levels, collaboration is what drives business results. Using MCE in the cloud enables employees to connect with each other and with the data they need to work efficiently. Since the system can easily be configured to grant users access to the data they need without a lot of back-and-forth with the IT department, your IT staff will spend less time managing access settings.


MCE is perfect for growing businesses and for companies that have fluctuating medical courier requirements. As business demands change, your IT staff can easily manage your cloud-based subscriptions and tools without needing to change physical resources or infrastructure. They’ll save time on admin tasks and they won’t need to invest time or money to deploy or reprovision hardware as your needs evolve.

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The productivity, accuracy, and reliability that MCE drives make it a great investment for any lab or hospital. Add in the IT benefits, and the ROI picture looks even better. To learn more or schedule a personalized web demo, contact MCE.






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