6 MCE Benefits that Make a Case for Specimen Tracking Automation 

MCE Specimen Missing Zebra TC56For most labs, customer satisfaction is truly job one.  Maintaining consistency and accuracy in service is the key to staying ahead of the competition and ensuring patient safety, but as a lab manager or administrator, you know how difficult and time consuming many of the daily processes can be.  Common issues like knowing where your couriers are at any given time of the day, working to optimize courier routes, working in last-minute pick-ups, and handling lost specimens are all time-consuming parts of the job that simply cannot be done accurately on a consistent basis with a manual process.  But how can you convince senior management that moving to an automated solution for specimen tracking and courier management is the answer?

Making the case for a modern specimen and courier tracking solution

Planning and preparedness are essential when presenting your case for a process change. And part of that planning includes presenting the return on investment (ROI) you can expect as a result of implementing an automated specimen tracking solution.  You’ll also need buy-in and support from the IT department during and after implementation.  

As you begin to evaluate the needs of your lab, take some time to meet with your team to gather input on the various parts of the process that can be improved if tasks were more automated.  Here are 5 questions to consider in your discussions:

  1. Are specimens occasionally (or frequently lost)?
  2. Would your lab benefit from easier access to analytics and metrics regarding specimen volumes and other historical data?
  3. What are the pain points in your lab that specimen tracking and courier management could resolve?
  4. How much time is spent making sure couriers have the most efficient routes
  5. Does your lab experience courier accountability issues?

With MCE, you should see improvements and immediate benefits in these areas.  With the integration of a handheld mobile device, processes are even more simplified. With Zebra’s TC56 handheld device, couriers can more easily manage route information, directions, alerts, notes and communications with a single handheld computer.

Exploring the benefits of MCE:

 Medical Courier Elite™ (MCE) is a cloud-based software solution that improves medical specimen tracking and medical courier management. It simplifies the management of courier routes and enables tracking of individual specimens, packages, mail and other items from the referring physician office to the lab.

Because MCE is cloud-based, there’s no software to purchase, update or maintain and little IT resources are necessary; all you need to get started is an internet connection. There’s no internal infrastructure needed on your end, and you’re always getting the latest updates and security patches necessary to keep your data safe.  A few profitability boosting and customer satisfaction driving benefits of MCE include:

  • The elimination of lost or misplaced specimens
  • Improved courier accountability
  • Increased courier and administrator/manager productivity
  • Enables more effective adherence to federal regulations
  • Improved route management efficiency
  • Increased satisfaction and confidence with referring physicians

Our customers often share with us their successes and how MCE has saved them not only time and money, but how they were able to re-gain credibility with their customers.  Here are a few examples:

“Prior to MCE accountability was an issue regarding lost specimens.  Now we have the credibility we need with the ability to prove when and where our couriers picked up and dropped off specimens.”

“With the addition of MCE, we were able to virtually eliminate unaccounted for specimens and increase our bottom line by reducing the number of courtesy labs we were offering.”

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