5 Critical Reasons You Should Track Outreach Lab Supplies

If supplies are flying in and out of your lab with no accountability, you are losing money. You may be buying more than you need, providing customers with excessive supplies, losing deliveries, or dealing with other inefficiencies.

 Supply tracking lets you see exactly where your supplies are going so that you can identify potential losses and protect your bottom line. Wondering if your lab can benefit from supply tracking? Check out the top five reasons.

Reason #1:  Safeguard Profitsblood

When your clients use more supplies than they return with their tests, it could be an indicator that some of your supplies are being used on tests going to other labs. By tracking the supplies you send to clients, you can compare the specimens you receive against the amount of supplies you send out, and if desired, you can adjust customer charges as needed to cover these costs.

Reason #2:  Improve Inventory Management

Supply tracking improves inventory management. When you can see what you have on hand and how much you’ve used, you can easily determine how much you need to order when restocking, and you don’t have to worry about making a poor guess.

 Additionally, proper inventory management helps you avoid losses from expired products or potentially putting someone in danger by providing them with a bad product.

Reason #3:  Get to Know Your Customers Better

With base-level tracking of non-specimen supplies, you can collect data on customer usage levels, which allows you to identify trends and gain a better understanding of your customers. When you know your customers, you can serve them more effectively. 

Reason #4:  Create Accountability for Lab Supply Delivery and More

The supply tracking features built into Medical Courier Elite (MCE) are not just available for lab supplies. You can also use these features to track the delivery and receipt of important items such as confidential paperwork, prescription medications, bank deposits, lab results, equipment, and more. By tracking deliveries, you create accountability for deliveries which minimizes lost orders, and improves customer satisfaction. 

Reason #5:  Collect Analytics to Improve Decision Making

Finally, you can also use supply tracking to collect data that can help you analyze costs and usage. Then, you can leverage that information to make decisions about the types of supplies you use in your laboratory. 

Ready to reap the benefits of supply tracking? Then, MCE can help. While designing this software, we worked directly with laboratory directors to ensure we created a purpose-built solution that would help streamline lab operations and meet the unique challenges of this industry. 

By adding supply tracking to MCE on the Zebra TC56/57, we were able to improve supply tracking and management for our customers. Want to improve your lab’s approach to supply management? Then, contact us today to schedule a demo and see how supply tracking works.


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