Top 5 Features Every Lab Logistics Team Needs

If you’re in the business of specimen collection and delivery, then you have probably encountered a number of issues that go along with the tracking and accountability aspects of the application.  Many couriers in this business are using a manual process – pen and clipboard – to keep track of the daily route of client pick-ups.  The trouble with a manual process, however, is accuracy. We’re only human, after all, and mistakes happen.  But when medical specimens are involved, it could mean a matter of life or death if a specimen is not tested in a timely manner, or if the specimen needs to get collected again if the original is lost.

The number one issue with manual tracking of specimen collection and delivery is tracking lost specimens.

99.9% of the time lost specimens could have been found if they were automatically tracked through a barcoded system. With MCE, we make it easy to track and manage specimen collection.

What is MCE?
MCE (Medical Courier Elite) is a software solution created just for medical specimen tracking and courier management.  This cloud-based application brings greater operating efficiency to the specimen collection process by automatically tracking specimens throughout the process – from pick up to lab delivery.

Users that have transitioned from a manual specimen collection process to an automated process with MCE are better able to serve their customers because couriers and dispatchers are more accurate and timely in the management of their daily routes.

Key Features of MCE

Certainly, the automation of any process is going to make it less cumbersome for the user, and likely more accurate since there is very little human intervention! In the case of MCE, the instance of lost specimens is virtually eliminated due to the accuracy of the application.  With MCE, dispatchers and couriers can carefully track the collection and delivery of each specimen.   Here are a few other important features that make MCE such a game-changer:

  • Courier Route Optimization – With the help of GPS, a courier’s daily route is carefully mapped out – offering only the most efficient route. This ensures that timely collection and delivery are taking place on a consistent basis.

  • Real-Time Tracking – Dispatchers now have the ability to track courier routes in real-time, giving them up-to-the-minute data on location and pick up/drop off information. It also allows couriers to add last-minute stops to courier routes.

  • Customizable Spreadsheet Builder – Managers and dispatchers have different priorities, so it seems only logical to customize the reporting module. This gives admins an opportunity to pull only the data they need – and nothing they don’t.

MCE Spreadsheet Builder Creating New Template

  • Heat Mapping – The heat map tool is ideal for business development and strategy. This feature identifies all existing routes; making it easier to identify areas where penetration is strong as well as areas that can offer growth potential.

MCE Heat Map Example

  • Client Portal – This value-added feature gives lab’s clients the convenience to request specimen pick-ups, pull reports for their location, and look up status of dispatches.

If you’re tired of dealing with tracking down lost specimens, complaints from labs about late collection or delivery of specimens, or simply struggling to keep costs down due to pick up and delivery errors, then it might be time to examine MCE.   Contact us today to learn more.


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