The Advantage of Software-as-a-Service Solutions

There’s a lot to be said for the popularity of SaaS (software-as-a-service) today. Growing popularity of cloud-based apps opens doors Remote Device Managementfor many users who otherwise would not have the bandwidth, resource or financial means to invest in servers, IT personnel, and real estate to establish a system on their own.  For medical couriers, a cloud-based, automated tracking solution is exactly what they’ve been waiting for to establish accountability.

If you’re not familiar with MCE, here’s an overview:

Medical Courier Elite™ is a specimen tracking, cloud-based software solution. MCE improves the medical courier management process by offering the ability to track courier routes and associated specimens from physician office to the lab.  Traditionally, this function is handled manually – a paper-based process that not only relies on the memory of the courier but is heavily weighted on the courier and dispatcher’s ability to interpret handwriting in the process.

The benefit of using MCE is that the tracking process is automated. This takes the burden off both courier, dispatcher and management because it produces reliable, accurate data.

Bottom line: The system makes losing a specimen very difficult!

Lost specimens are a major problem when a manual process is followed; and can be the most damaging. MCE helps eliminate lost specimens and speeds up courier productivity by offering smart route mapping and barcode automation.  The results are better courier accountability and happier customers.  Other key benefits:

  • Tracking acts as proof of delivery with timestamp to back it up
  • Electronic logs save time when searching history for items, # of stops, etc.
  • The system works to eliminate specimens lost in transit. If a specimen is picked up, but not delivered, the system alerts the courier at the end of the route for immediate resolution
  • MCE is customized for each individual client based on requirements and needs
  • Route planning maximizes courier time on the road, helps to increase number of stops, and allows management to test a route with customizable parameters (time to service client, pickup and deliver)

The advantages of a cloud-based solution

Simplified Functionality
Because MCE is a cloud-based specimen tracking solution, it simplifies many of the functions that IT or courier administrators would be responsible for managing, and the burden of a server to manage or software to maintain and update is eliminated with virtually everything in the cloud.  Because MCE is a software-as-a-service platform, it eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure, capital expenses and labor-intensive allocation of space for equipment.

Greater Visibility
MCE’s online dashboard enables dispatchers and management to monitor couriers and courier routes on a real-time basis.  The dashboard is ideal for reporting and planning as well, with the ability to view route histories, upcoming collections or deliveries, and collection times.  This kind of visibility is what enables management to improve processes, troubleshoot and train users.

Remotely Managed
Since MCE operates in the cloud it’s easily accessible from anywhere, which makes it ideal for remote managers and couriers on the road.  Adding to the convenience of cloud, is remote (mobile) device management.  Since MCE operates on a subscription service, you also receive support that is remotely managed. This is a convenience that our customers enjoy, for these reasons:

  • Lost or stolen devices can be located, disabled, and wiped clean of any confidential data
  • Device failures can be diagnosed and, in some cases, be repaired remotely
  • Units requiring software updates or new configurations can be handled quickly and reliably
  • Devices can be put in lockdown mode so that users only have access to authorized applications and/or websites
  • Business applications and content can be managed in a safe, secure way

Operating with a fleet of devices in the field can be challenging for the IT department. That’s why MCE is ideal for an application like specimen courier management.  Having a quick, convenient way to manage an entire inventory of mobile devices can save tons of time, keep costs under control, and allow your IT team to focus on other priorities rather than spending time trying to solve challenges with very little visibility.SOTI Logo

For MCE, we use (and recommend) SOTI MobiControl.  SOTI has been a leader in the industry for a number of years and is known for being extremely reliable.

To learn more about MCE, SOTI MobiControl, or to hear more on how MCE has changed the way our customers manage their specimen courier team, contact us.


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