Migrating from 3G to LTE with Zebra’s TC56 Touch Computer

3G networks

Many businesses are still relying on 3G networks for voice and data communications on their handheld mobile computers, but soon that’s going to change. Major wireless network service providers are starting to shut down their support for 3G networks and devices, and that means companies need to have a strategy for upgrading their devices and switching to 4G LTE networks.

It’s clear that we’re heading for the sunset of 3G networks, and that will leave 4G and 4G LTE networks as the only viable options for wireless cellular business communications. If you’re using 3G service from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile today, prepare for limited available support. Although not all network providers have announced that they will follow suit, it’s assumed that eventually they all will end 3G support. Verizon will end support for 3G devices on Dec 31, 2019. T-Mobile has announced similar plans, and AT&T is expected to make an announcement of its own in the near future, especially after it stopped permitting new 3G devices from being certified in 2017.

Adding to this phase-out is the end of Microsoft’s support for the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system. Microsoft has already ended all support for some versions, and the rest will reach end of life—with no extended support—in 2020.

What does all of this mean for businesses running older hardware with these legacy operating systems and 3G networks?

  1. If you’re using 3G, you will soon have no access to wireless cellular coverage, which means you’ll have no voice or data unless your devices are connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. If you’re running an older Windows mobile operating system, you’ll no longer receive OS support or security patches from Microsoft, leaving your devices vulnerable to hackers who may be at the ready to target unprotected systems and hardware.

To make sure your business isn’t left behind and wide open to risks, it’s crucial to develop a strategy to upgrade your devices within the next year.

Upgrading to 4G LTE with Zebra’s TC56 Android Mobile Computer

At Taylor Data Systems, we recommend addressing the 3G and Windows mobile phase-outs by upgrading to enterprise 4G LTE Android devices like the Zebra TC56.

Zebra’s TC56 touch computer is a great choice for a number of reasons.

  1. The transformative benefits of much faster and more reliable 4G network operation
  2. Zebra’s modern and easy-to-use Android touch screens make operation simple for existing Android users
  3. Quality and reliability you can count on, like their rapid-fire processors, over-the-air security updates, and up to 10 years of guaranteed OS support with Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android.

Here’s more of what upgrading can do for your business:

Benefits of Migrating to 4G LTE

  • Greater network coverage
  • 10x faster data streaming
  • Shorter latency times
  • Simultaneous voice and data
  • Crisper, clearer voice quality on VoLTE
  • Continuation of service via SIM card

Benefits of Migrating to Zebra’s TC56

  • Sleek, rugged device built for enterprise use
  • 1.8 GHz hex-core 64-bit processor
  • 4G LTE connectivity and 14 hours of power
  • Modern touch screen with user-friendly interface
  • Finger, gloved finger, or stylus input
  • Powerful enterprise security with Zebra device management
  • Over-the-air OS updates and security upgrades
  • Advanced 1D and 2D scanning and document capture

While having to buy new devices and migrate to a new OS can be a major undertaking, Zebra’s Android devices and our team of experts make it much easier and more cost-effective, and the end results are, ultimately, major boosts to your business.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading and get help with developing a 3G and OS migration plan, contact Medical Courier Elite now for a free consultation.



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