Importance of Electronic Specimen Tracking Solution

Medical Courier Elite (MCE) is a complete solution that tracks medical specimens in real-time through a cloud-based software solution. It optimizes the collection process and provides a real-time management platform from pick up to delivery. MCE ensures that your lab specimens are delivered to their destination laboratories, allowing your lab to maintain accuracy and improve overall performance.Medical Specimen Tracking

Managing specimens is more complex than it sounds. We find that manual processes can make it difficult to track and manage specimens accurately:

  • It’s often critical that specimens arrive on time; delays can cause even greater challenges in addition to jeopardizing customer satisfaction.
  • With a manual system, specimens may end up being delivered to the wrong lab; with timely specimens, this can really be a problem if the specimen does not get delivered on time.
  • Couriers can speed up productivity if they have accurate directions to the labs, and once they arrive, they need to be sure that they’re delivering the correct sample.

Without automating an important process like specimen delivery, your team is wasting labor hours and increasing costs as they work to correct errors that were made. Time spent tracking down the specimen location, making arrangements to transport it between labs, etc. can not only be frustrating for the customer, but impact morale as well.

With MCE, specimen tracking and delivery is much simpler. You save time and money. Your team is more productive, and your patients receive better care.

Key components of MCE Solution:

  1. Honeywell or Zebra handheld mobile computers with built-in 2D barcode scanning capability
  2. Barcoded labeling clearly and correctly identify vials, containers, and biohazard bags
  3. GPS Technology helps drivers get where they need to go
  4. Cellular Data allows drivers to stay in contact with other drivers or home office
  5. Secure data backup by Taylor Data Systems and technical support

These five components work together to track medical specimens as they are transferred from pick up to delivery. This ensures that the entire specimen trail is recorded, and all but eliminates lost or misplaced specimens. MCE provides lab managers the ability to create courier schedules and routes based on the unique needs of your clients, improving your customer service.

MCE provides real time route visualization, so your couriers can display directions to the right lab on their mobile devices. The automated tracking uses bar codes to identify specimens, replacing outmoded paper systems that can lead to errors and ensuring that you deliver the right specimen to the right lab. First time, every time.

Some specimens are time sensitive, so you need to make sure they are handled quickly and accurately. Even when tests aren’t time sensitive, when labs have the right specimens, they can provide better results more quickly. You can make a more accurate diagnosis and prevent wasted time or unnecessary treatments. Your patients receive their results faster, helping you to provide better care and improving their satisfaction with your services.

Benefits of the MCE Automated Solution:

  • Real-time visual map view of couriers and specimens
  • Date, time, and signature capture info
  • Delivery verification
  • Dispatch for time sensitive pickups
  • Searchable electronic logs

Increase your laboratories accountability and productivity by reducing labeling errors and avoiding misreading of information, and eliminating manual transcription processes. Our Specimen Tracking System is a complete, end-to-end solution for tracking and monitoring medical specimens.

Talk with the experts at MCE today that can help you tailor a specimen tracking system for your unique lab’s needs or answer any questions you may have. Click here to watch the MCE overview video.


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