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A lot of progress has been made with respect to barcode automation in healthcare applications. Patient registration, med administration and even specimen collection errors can be drastically reduced, even eliminated, when using barcode data collection.  But there are still preventable errors occurring in other areas of healthcare; one such area is specimen processing.

In last months’ blog, we touched on barcode automation in the laboratory during specimen collection, and how correctly collecting and labeling specimens can contribute greatly to patient safety.  This month we’re drilling down a little deeper to the slide label level and how it impacts the path toward successful treatment.

Accurately identifying specimens collected are just as important as getting the tests done themselves, since one is basically useless without the other. Handwritten or damaged labels can negatively impact the process, leading to patient retesting.

Pathology, Cytology and Histology Lab Slide Labeling

For slide labeling applications, the material used for the label is a critical decision.  Because the lab is exposed to a number of harsh chemical solvents used in the processing of samples, it requires a specialized material to safeguard and maintain the integrity of the label, including the adhesive and barcode printed on it.  If the label adhesive is destroyed, the chances of the label and slide getting separated are great, which leads to a problem in the process. If the barcode is smeared or damaged in anyway, it can impact the user’s ability to successfully scan the barcode.

Honeywell has been proactive over the years in developing solutions to assist healthcare clinicians and administrative staff in improving the patient experience. As an original developer of a disinfectant-ready handheld barcode scanner, improving patient care has consistently been on their agenda.  Included in their quest to improve processes is a super-durable label specifically designed for lab testing.

Why Duratherm™ Labels?

Honeywell Duratherm slide labels offer the durability required to maintain accuracy of samples and specimens. The material in Duratherm labels offer resistance to solvents and moisture; keeping the label intact during all phases of the processing cycle. It also possesses an aggressive adhesive, which is equally important after being exposed to solvents, to prevent the label from slipping or the edges curling.

Duratherm labels are robust and designed to withstand harsh chemicals and processes. With a tough label in the lab, you can count on these benefits:

  • High-contrast print; offers improved barcode print quality
  • Improved traceability; keeps costs low and productivity high
  • Reduced errors; minimizing instances of lost specimens
  • Increased level of patient care; efficient processing of specimens means results get communicated faster

Total Hardware Solution

As it pertains to slide labeling, Honeywell offers a complete solution that offers reliable, quality output to further ensure the accuracy and processing of patient specimens. Along with durable labels, a desktop direct thermal printer and handheld barcode scanner designed specifically for a healthcare environment enables efficient disposition of patient specimens.  Fast, quality printing produces superior barcode identification.

  • Duratherm™ Slide Direct Thermal Film Label
    • Direct thermal labels
    • Solvent & stain resistant
    • Easy to use; does not require a ribbon to print
  • PC43/23 Desktop Barcode Label Printers
    • Streamlined, ergonomic design
    • Designed for quick set-up and trouble-free use
    • Disinfectant housing withstands repeated chemical wipedowns
  • Enhanced Xenon™ 1902h Healthcare Scanner
    • Offers clinician-requested features like disinfectant-ready housing & patient DND mode
    • Strong ‘out-of-range’ security and location features
    • Ability to read color barcodes

For more information on this Honeywell lab-ready hardware kit, contact us today.


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