5 reasons why medical courier managers need MCE

cloud-based sample tracking

If you’ve been struggling to improve your medical courier process, then it’s time you took a look at MCE.  MCE (Medical Courier Elite™) is a cloud-based application designed to improve the specimen tracking and medical courier processes by automating many of the steps involved in scheduling, reporting and managing couriers.

Because MCE is cloud-based, it offers a simple architecture that keeps costs low from implementation to operation.  This means minimal IT resource is needed for operation and no software to purchase and maintain.  In addition to simplicity of design, here are 5 main reasons why MCE is a home run for specimen collection applications:

Eliminate Lost Specimens

For medical couriers, lost specimens mean compromised credibility.  With MCE, the tracking of specimens is automated, virtually eliminating instances of lost specimens altogether. MCE knows what stops are being made for each courier, and what they need to pick up / deliver.  If a specimen is collected, but fails to get delivered, at the end of the driver’s route they will receive an alert so they can make the pick-up / delivery as scheduled.  Real-time management of schedules and data keeps everything on time, and on track.

Provide Proof of Delivery 

Because the system is automated, accountability is much easier to prove.  In terms of customer pick up or delivery disputes, MCE tracks the movements of couriers because the courier is scanning a specific barcode each time a specimen is picked up or delivered.  The time, date, location and courier can easily be identified; this may also include any notes the courier may have made, such as “no specimen was present in lobby”, or “picked up mail only”.  This kind of detail is useful to courier managers when responding to customer complaints.

Intelligent Route Creation

For courier managers, daily schedules can be difficult and time consuming to create. The ability to automatically assign pick ups to each courier in such a way that will be most productive is completely automated with MCE. Using GPS, MCE maps out the ideal routes for couriers based on the scheduled stops for the day, then divides up a certain number of stops among all the drivers.  This feature offers optimal routes for each courier, reducing drive time and increasing courier productivity overall.  As with any work day, there are occasional changes in the schedule or last-minute requests for a pick up.  This is not a problem for MCE; the assigned courier will immediately be notified, and MCE will automatically re-calculate the route and provide a new, optimized route for the courier. Very little disruption, zero hassle.

Fast, Accurate Reporting

Without an automated tool for medical courier management, planning is difficult because visibility is limited.  With MCE, you can create any number of reports to measure performance against goals, overall effectiveness, individual courier performance, criteria specific to each customer, the types of specimens being collected, courier time on the road, etc.    The flexibility of being able to quickly and easily create reports means more intelligent decision making, improved productivity and greater profitability for the company.

Streamlined Process

Managing a group of couriers can be difficult.  With MCE, the ability to automatically schedule courier routes is a huge time saver for the courier manager.  What once took hours to create each day, now takes just a few minutes.  With dynamic routing, accommodating additional stops during the day gives you an edge over the competition.  You can more easily accommodate last-minute requests and the system will automatically adjust the courier route without having to disrupt the courier’s day completely.

Bottom line, the ROI on MCE is relatively short.  Consider the time spent by managers and couriers each day when schedules are handled manually. The time savings alone is one of the major benefits.  But when we interviewed our customers, they all said that that biggest benefit of MCE is the ability to immediately provide proof that a specimen was picked up or delivered.  In fact, many of the customers we spoke to said, “We’re glad to have our credibility back.”

If you’re ready to re-gain your credibility, call us to schedule your very own MCE demo.


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