MCE Specimen Tracking Solution

Put an end to accountability issues and take the labor out of daily scheduling and specimen courier management.


From pick-up to lab delivery, MCE streamlines operations.


To give you a little background about us, over 10 years ago we were approached by several local pathologists who were searching for reliable specimen tracking and courier management solutions. With that request, Medical Courier Elite (MCE) was formed by our in-house developers to provide a comprehensive cloud-based software solution for tracking medical specimens from provider pick-up to laboratory delivery.


Since the inception of MCE, we have addressed real world problems to a variety of issues encountered by outreach pathology labs.  Our specimen tracking solution includes bar code scanning, route optimization, management dashboard, and access to real time data utilizing cellular technology. With MCE, you can improve the management, security, and tracking of your laboratory’s medical specimens through a cloud-based software solution that simplifies the collection process and provides a real-time management platform with no strain on your IT department.


“MCE has dramatically improved the level of patient care. Since we installed MCE four years ago, we’ve had zero lost specimens.”   – M. Wilt, Laboratory Outreach Manager


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