Real-time GPS keeps couriers on track and on time while in the field. courier management

Managing multiple medical couriers running multiple different routes can be a daunting and time consuming task. MCE’s courier management system helps to simplify the routing process moving your lab towards another level of maturity, sophistication, and success.

Utilizing courier mobile devices, MCE provides GPS tracking and allows managers the ability to locate couriers at any given time, view route history, driving speed, and stops. Managers can also issue alerts and notifications simultaneously to each device while couriers are in the field.  Because MCE is a cloud based system, updates to client information or routes in the office will be reflected on mobile devices so couriers have the most accurate and relevant information at their fingertips for the best possible customer service.

Real-time Dashboard Reporting

Courier and route metrics may be viewed in real time on mobile tablet or PC. Reporting features also display length of stay at pick-up, driving speed, and much more.


Whether it’s a STAT, will-call, or other time-sensitive pickup, MCE makes dispatching to your couriers simple. As customers call-in with a special pick-up request, the dispatcher at your office can quickly access the MCE dispatch screen, enter the location, and quickly view which courier is in closest proximity for the pick-up. This feature helps ensure the pick-up is made on time without compromising the schedule of other couriers.  

Another dispatching feature available in MCE is customer generated dispatching. This feature gives your customers the capability to submit their own dispatch request through MCE instead of sending requests through phone.  


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