Moving to 4G – Verizon non-LTE EOL

Mobile carriers such as Verizon are always working to improve their technology, especially when it comes to speed and security. As far back as 2012, Verizon began phasing out its 3G networks for consumer devices in favor of 4G and the upcoming 5G.

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An Industry Approach to Android

Recently, Microsoft announced that it is discontinuing support for its Windows CE and Windows Handheld mobile operating systems. While this news has been disconcerting, there is no need to panic. Microsoft has given plenty of advanced warning, so its customers can find and deploy alternatives.

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Importance of Electronic Specimen Tracking Solution

Medical Courier Elite (MCE) is a complete solution that tracks medical specimens in real-time through a cloud-based software solution. It optimizes the collection process and provides a real-time management platform from pick up to delivery.

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Sleek, Modern and Tough — Zebra TC56 Touch Computer

If you are looking for an industrial mobile device to improve productivity, you should put the TC56 Touch Computer from Zebra at the top of your list. This mobile computing device is as sleek and powerful as the most coveted consumer-oriented smartphones and tablets, but with the strength, reliability and ruggedness to outperform the typical handheld computer.

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5 Benefits of Leasing Your Technology

With the pace at which technology is changing, has the thought ever crossed your mind that you may be better off leasing your equipment vs. buying new every few years? How about the ability to keep cash flow moving in the event of changing business conditions? Of course, there are pros and cons to each, so you really need to determine which path is right for your business.

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Medical Courier Elite Website Gets a Fresh New Look!

If you’re looking for ways to improve specimen tracking and management, or increase courier efficiency, Medical Courier Elite is a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution designed specifically for medical specimen tracking and courier management. MCE optimizes the specimen collection process to ensure the traceability of specimens from pickup to lab delivery.

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