Frequently Asked Questions About MCE

What is Medical Courier Elite?

Medical Courier Elite™ is a web-based software solution designed for medical specimen tracking and medical courier management. MCE utilizes a web-based administrative tool, along with a lightweight, rugged mobile device to manage courier routes and track individual specimens originating from referring physician office.

What benefits will we see from Medical Courier Elite?

Use of Medical Courier Elite allows you to provide better customer service, protect your practice from lost or misplaced specimens, provide courier accountability and productivity and provide you with proactive solutions to increasing federal regulations.

Will MCE help me meet CAP requirements?

CAP Laboratory General Checklist questions include transportation services for specimen collection. Use of MCE can help you meet these requirements. To review how we can help you meet the CAP requirements for specimen transportation, contact us.

What are the financial benefits of Medical Courier Elite? Do I need to have my IT staff support the system?

Web-based architecture of the MCE system minimizes cost of ownership since there is no software to purchase, minimal work required for setup/support from your IT staff, and internet connectivity is all you need to access MCE.

Can a small lab afford MCE?

Yes, our pricing structure is designed to make MCE affordable for all sized labs. Leasing options are also available.

How long will it take us to get set up and started using MCE?

Installation and set-up time is minimal. On average, customers are trained and using MCE within four weeks of purchase.

Our couriers are not “computer savvy”. Will they be able to use MCE?

Yes, the MCE system is easy to learn and use. Clients with couriers from all backgrounds and age groups are able to use MCE with ease. MCE professionals will come on site to both implement and train the entire staff on use of the system.

How does the MCE provide for specimen tracking?

Specimen tracking is easy. Barcodes are scanned once during pick-up and once during delivery. This ensures that each of your specimens have made it to the lab. If a specimen is not scanned during the delivery, the courier will be notified immediately. Through Medical Courier Elite Web, your lab manager will have access to all of this information at the moment of synchronization. This will allow for quick response time on possible issues. MCE can track anything with a barcode, including pharmacy, x-rays, mail, lab reports and packages.

How can I see a demonstration of the system?

We can schedule a web presentation in as little as 24 hours notice. Viewing the presentation can be done from multiple locations.

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Thanks for your interest in Medical Courier Elite! If you’re interested in learning more about our solution and how it can help your business, we’d be happy to schedule a demo to illustrate its functionality as well as answer any questions. Let’s Get Started.

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Thanks for your interest in Medical Courier Elite! If you're interested in learning more about our solution and how it can help your business, we'd be happy to schedule a demo, provide a quote or answer any questions you may have.

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